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Ways of working with me

As my dream is to inspire as many people as possible to (re-)find their own true nature and path, through connecting them to nature, I have created different ways in which to do this:

Animal communication sessions. Right now I am only offering communications with pets in spirit and pets that need guidance on the last part of their lives.

Get one of my meditation journeys, that will help you find the answers within.

Get one of my card readings, they will help you to get more clarity on your path.

Read my blogs and books. My first book is still in the making, but much more are waiting to be born.

Together with Karin Monster-Peters, I have started a Healing Circle, read more on that over here, where you can also register. I love working together in that with Karin, she is the human-source-spirit element, and I take care of the mother earth-animals-nature. Perfect match!

Together with Jeanni McBride Jones, I have started the Medicine Way, where we will work together with the energies of the the Medicine Wheel and the natural cycles of life. We start at the Winter Solstice 2018, you can find more about that and find out how to join over here.

I am creating more in-person events, the first one is a HeartMessages experience day. I have created an event for this on Facebook, you can read more about it over there. Once I have settled down I will start organising Medicine/Nature Walks and Be-Treats.

Join my free group on Facebook, where I share all kinds of beauty and information for free. I am active in there almost daily.

Much love,

Diana and the natural world.