Work with me!

As my dream is to inspire as many people as possible to (re-)find their own true nature and path, through connecting them to nature, I have created different ways in which to do this:

Join my free group on Facebook, where I share all kinds of beauty and information for free. I also run a short Signs & Signals challenge in there regularly, to activate your senses and awareness.

Join my Down to Earth Spirituality membership group, where each month the members are guided by me and a nature spirit, for practical and magical wisdom.

Buy my meditation journeys, that will help you find the answers within.

Read my blogs and buy my books. My first book is still in the making, but many more are waiting to be born.

Register for the Nature Communication Course. This is like an introductory course, where I share what I know on how to reconnect with nature (including your pets).

And, together with Karin Monster-Peters, I have started a Healing Circle, read more on that over here, where you can also register. I love working together in that with Karin, she is the human-source-spirit element, and I take care of the mother earth-animals-nature. Perfect match!

I am also developing a Year course, where we work with the seasons and the Medicine Wheel, but I am not ready to share that. The practical part is a bit of a challenge 🙂

Looking forward to connecting!