Sunset roar
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The call of the wild

Did you know wild animal encounters can give you unexpected transformational messages?
Most of my life I have been afraid of wasps, and they regularly used to sting me.
During the process of awakening my innate ability to communicate with animals I finally got what they were saying to me.
To face my fears and stand up for what I believe in. To get out there and be seen. No more running away. So I started doing that.
And you know what? I am not afraid of them anymore. And even when they do get close I calmly ask them to leave and they do 🙂

Have you had encounters with wild animals like that?
That ant infestation you just can’t seem to get rid of?
That butterfly that seems to follow you everywhere?
That blackbird sitting on the top of your roof? Every. Single. Morning. Waking you up before your alarm goes of.
Hearing an owl everywhere you go?
That squirrel that hops on your lap in the park?
Have you ever wondered if they are also there to give you a message? A deeper lesson to learn?

Native people call this animal medicine, the lessons the animals are here to teach us.
When we get their message, most of the time they go away, or you don’t notice them anymore, their work is done.

I love communicating with our wild animal friends, and get the most deep messages from them.
This is my specialty! Let’s hear what their message is for you.

For just € 59,00 per session, I’ll see what the animal that is coming onto your path over and over again has to say.
I’ll look up it’s general meaning, some facts about it that you might relate to (like trades and qualities) and channel the personal message for you.
I will send a nice report of this to you, containing the things mentioned above, that you can hold on to, and look back at if they keep coming back 🙂

Sandra on her session: Have you heard about Diana’s Call of the Wild offer yet?

I’ve been hearing an owl for the past 17 years. Only heard it. Never saw one. It’s been so weird: At every house I’ve lived in – I heard an owl. In the city, an apartment, countryside..everywhere!

I’ve asked Diana to see if there’s some sort of a message here (You’d think, right?!) and it turns out that the Owl is my totem animal. And my message from the Owl ( in short because the report is quiet extensive!): ‘Only let yourself be seen (or heard) to the ones that really resonate with you. You know when it’s time to go out but you also need to retreat in the dark every now and then. Find your balance in that. You are a messenger for the messengers.’

To read this is just incredible – it makes sense to me. Before I read Diana’s message it kinda freaked me out a bit to hear an owl, but now I know I’ve gained a spirit guide! Thank you so much Diana!

Fascinated? Buy this now and I will get back to you with further instructions after I receive your payment.

I have Mondays and Tuesdays reserved for working out these.

Really looking forward to sharing the messages! The wild animals are calling, get ready for a stampede of love, insight and wisdom!