What is it I do?

I love nature. I really do. I am deeply in awe with the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom, and my source of inspiration is the beautiful planet Earth itself. With all her beautiful creations. The rivers, the lakes, the oceans, the hills and mountains, the woods and forests, the rocks and stones. I love it all.

I’ve been on a quest on how to bring this beauty into the awareness of one of her most interesting inhabitants, humans. I’ve always wanted to help animals and nature, and through the years I’ve tried several ways of doing this. From changing my own life and habits to donating to different charities, running a local green group, creating awareness through various spiritual endeavours, and through studying to become a naturopath for animals and awakening my natural animal communication abilities. But there has always been a missing link. Somehow it didn’t work, I didn’t feel I was doing enough, or the changes were not happening fast enough. My practice never really got off the ground, and above all, it didn’t give me much joy.

There was one thing however that did always bring me joy and that seems effortless to me, and that was writing. I loved to write. And I seemed to able to express my feelings better through the written word than the spoken word. So, after much consideration and several attempts to get my business vital, at one point I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to writing and storytelling. And everything that comes with this. Sadly, due to circumstances this too has been put on hold, also because I lost the joy in writing by trying to become a professional. I will still finish my first book, for myself, to close a chapter, but for now, I have given up on my writing dream.

This also means I have definitely stopped with offering animal communication sessions (you might have found this page through some links on the interwebs that still exist). On the page Animal communication you can find links to people I highly recommend for this, but I am no longer doing this.

I want to return to writing and publishing a blog every now and then, so I will probably use this website for that. Go to blogs to read some of what I wrote in the past. My first book (and for now only) is still in the making, it will be officially published somewhere in 2020.

Much love,

Diana and the natural world.