Animal Communication

You may have found your way to this page because you were looking for animal communication options, or someone referred you, because I used to do these in the past. I have discontinued doing this work, but I can highly recommend the people on this page. Also, the replay of the webinar I did with Joanne Yeoh on Pets in Spirit is available for purchase through this page.

Webinar: together with Joanne Yeoh from Animal Communication Insights about Pets in Spirit. The recording of this webinar is available for purchase. You can pay through PayPal, once I have received the money I will send you the download link. It is € 9,00. Contact me if you are interested and I will send you the payment link.

Diana Elvis

I can personally recommend these animal communicators:

The Netherlands:

Maria Moratalla from Fonzys
Mirjam Diepenbrock from Animal Soul Academy, she also works in different languages
Birgitta van Spronsen from Communiceren met dieren
Amber Jongman from Tussen Dier en Mens
Mariët Broné from Vraag het je Dier


Joanne Yeoh from Animal Communication Insights
Janet Roper from Janet Roper
Cara Gubbins from Cara Gubbins
Luca Dray from Natural Practice

Disclaimer: my consults are not meant as a replacement for visiting a vet. If I feel an additional visit to the vet, or other specialist is needed I will give that advice. It is your own responsibility to follow up on that advice, I cannot be held responsible if something happens if you don’t. Terms and Conditions.