Card- and Rune Readings

Oracle cards and runes are excellent tools to help you develop your intuition and trust on your inner knowing.

Card Readings:

I’ve been doing card readings for myself for many years, sometimes it’s just nice to have some extra insight, or maybe to see what theme comes up. I have been doing weekly card readings in my free group for a while now, every Monday, where I pick a few cards from a certain deck and let the people pick a number.

The card readings I offer are not meant to tell you what to do, they are just helpful guides on confirming what’s already trying to emerge or change from within. Cards are not meant as fortune telling, because the futures is not set, and your free will choices can always alter the possible outcome.

Depending on what you prefer, your theme or question, I will tune into your energy and pull either 1 or 3 cards, ask what deck wants to come and shuffle the cards until the card(s) pop up. I will make a picture of the card(s) and the description in the guidebook, and if I feel guided to give additional insights I will do so. The decks I use are usually (spirit)animals-, nature- and shamanism themed.

I do this all offline, and will send you a report of the reading via email.

I have several options available, either one off readings, or you can get a weekly or monthly subscription.

One off Card Reading:

1 card:€ 9,00
3 cards, past-present-future: € 21,00

Weekly subscription (a reading every week):

1 card: € 9,00
3 cards, past-present-future: € 21,00

Monthly subscription (a reading every month):

1 card: € 9,00
3 cards, past-present-future: € 21,00

Rune Readings:

When I connected to the Runes and made my own set, I felt their amazing guidance. Much more than oracle cards they hold special meaning and can also be used for healing and protection. I was taught the Elder Futhark, and my set is also based on this.

I have done beautiful readings already, but usually just for myself or friends. As they are such amazing helpers I decided to also offer them to others.

Again, just as the Oracle cards, they are tools, and can help you get more clarity on a certain theme or question, but they are not meant as fortune tellers. The possible outcome is not a set one, and your free will choice can alter it.

Past-present-future 3 Rune spread: € 21,00

Other, larger spreads will soon be available (€ 51,00)

If you are interested in any of these, please contact me and I will send you a link for making the payment.