Speedreadings for charity!

Another way to get to a little insight in my work and what is going on with your pet is the speedreading for charity. And all money I receive from that will directly go to my chosen charity, Bennies Place, so in addition you get to support them too!

So what do you get?

    • You can ask one question or just receive a message
    • As a bonus I will add a little surprise from me and your pet 😉
    • You get the answer or message from me through email or message on Facebook.

How does it work: The days for these readings have been scheduled (they are subject to change). You can apply for a spot by clicking the PayPal link below (or if you don’t have paypal send me a message through the contact form or facebook for another arrangement, but PayPal is preferred). A minimum of € 15,00 is required, but you are welcome to pay more. There are a maximum of 10 spots per day, and it’s first come first serve. If you are too late I will put you on the list for the next date, or give a refund if you don’t want to be on the next one. Once I received your payment I will send you an email with further instructions.

Just to be clear, these are NOT live readings, I read from photo’s that you will send me through Facebook or email. And you can ask for any kind of pet, also pets that are no longer on this earth, or a pet you are about to buy/adopt.

“Diana did a reading for our Romanian rescue dog Sophie when we first got her. She is a traumatized little thing; Diana’s reading helped me to better understand and support her. Sophie is one year old now, and when Diana offered speedreadings for charity, this seemed a great opportunity to do an update. It is so wonderful to hear that Sophie is really settling in to her new life now, and feeling happier and more at home. Moreover, the reading was about so much more than Sophie – really, Diana reads into the dynamics of our little family. She is truly amazing. “

Your investment: A minimum of € 15,00 per pet, but you are very welcome to donate extra 🙂
Claim your spot here! (If you don’t have PayPal, please contact me for another way of paying for your spot).

Dates for 2017 (last Tuesday of the Month):

  • September 26th
  • Oktober 31st
  • November 28th
  • December 19th (this is an earlier date because of the Holiday season, and this will be the last one! In 2018 I will find another way to support my charity of choice).

“This was so much fun. I thought I would get a very short message or something but I got so much more. And it was so good to read. It was, for me at least, in some cases an eye opener. Some things I got confirmed and that was nice. She gives so much more in her messages! Lovely person and great animal communicator. I would highly recommend if you have a question or are just curious about what is going on with you pet”

Cartoon paard

Disclaimer: my consults are not meant as a replacement for visiting a vet. If I feel an additional visit to the vet, or other specialist is needed I will give that advice. It is your own responsibility to follow up on that advice, I cannot be held responsible if something happens if you don’t.