Animal Communication – What is it?

A lot of people don’t know what animal communication is all about. And well, it’s on the one hand simple and on the other hand not 🙂 Now that helps right?

No Dr. Dolittle, no Dog Whisperer. Those two are the most mentioned when I say what I do. And well, maybe Dr. Dolittle comes closest ;-), I am not very fond of the other one.

Animal communication is a form of telepathic communication, combined with mediumship. If you consider all is energy and we are all from the same source, tuning in to other beings shouldn’t be so hard. Now, humans are masters in putting up masks, acting like someone else, so you can get a lot of mixed information. Animals are very pure and straight forward. And the trick is to get to the same energy level as the animals to be able to communicate with them 🙂 And that can be done by meditating, finding your own pure center, and the right intention. And being aware of your surroundings 🙂

Cartoon papegaaiIt’s a way of life actually, because once you start, the animals know you can connect to them and they will come to you, find you, guide their owners onto your path 🙂 It’s amazing. And all the messages you get from the wild animals, and the animals in the zoo. If you just learn to listen.

It helps to have certain qualities, like being an empath, or being a natural healer. It also helps if you learn about animals, their behaviour, their physiology. It’s not necessary to communicate with them but it can be helpful to communicate back to their owners.

Now, every animal communicator has hers or his own specialties, like missing pets, physical awareness and so on.

I combine animal communication with animal healing. I am an intuitive healer, I have got Reiki II, and done some Shaman healing courses, but most of all I rely on my clearsentient abilities. I just know. It helps that I have a built up a lot of knowledge around animals and natural remedies and therapies over time. So I can do more than just talk to the animals, I can also guide their owners on what to do to help them, or to connect to other specialists in the field.

Diana Healing

In my case animals mirror their owners a lot, or give messages for their owners. People don’t always realise the pet is in their life for a reason, to help them to grow in every way. And so a communication session with the pet can also bring up a lot of issues from the owner, or other family members. I am not a coach or mentor for humans, but I know a lot of wonderful people who can help with that 🙂

And I believe anyone can learn to do this, I do. That there are all kinds of blocks and limiting beliefs in the way of doing this. I too have gone through a lot before I really could let it flow again as I did when I was a child.

So, if this speaks to you, and you want to learn about it yourself, I encourage you to do so. But be prepared that this road will do a lot more for you than “just” teach you how to communicate with animals.