DreamTeam HeartMessages

I have a lot of helpers, here and elsewhere. I have an amazing support team from the animal kingdom and spirit world, and I actually almost never am alone. My power animals Stag and Eagle are almost always there to help me, and so are a lot of pets that once were in my life, or even pets I have known with others….

But these are the amazing helpers in my life today in this realm. Let me introduce you to these beauties.

Luna is a very wise lady and my personal guide. She is not one to really help out others but she is irreplaceable to me. She is currently not living with me, but guiding me none the less.

Toendra on the other hand loves to help. She also loves being visible. She even helps other communicators….. Toendra is now again with me, always ready to help.

Cheyenne (on the left) and Scotty (on the right) have been in the Netherlands since 2015 and come from the Greek island of Lesvos. Both have their own stories and needed a lot of adjusting  to life with people and not having to just survive. I have learned so much from them. Cheyenne is my soul-dog and I have probably shared many lives with her. She is my current companion in life, and I love her to bits. Scotty is an amazing healer, he is now also trained as a helper dog for elderly. He is not currently living with me, but forever in my heart.