I have done a lot of things, learned a lot. Schools, courses, workshops and so on. The actual journey to where I am now started in 1996 with me getting through a depression, but it took another 10 years to really start the big changes, starting with yoga, meditation, and Reiki. And I have never stopped learning and growing, developing my skills, reconnecting with my natural born abilities and superpowers.

Diana Diploma

I have also worked with animals live a lot through internships, practicing, but also with humans when doing my shamanistic journeys.

I am interested in so many things, so I don’t think I will ever stop learning.

I make connections with everything I learn. I try to connect the spiritual with the natural and the scientific. I do believe they are all equally important in a holistic view of the world.

And I do fully believe life is the biggest school of them all. As you grow older your toolkit expands. Your natural-born abilities grow and develop. Ancient knowledge resurfaces.

So I could do a boring list in here on everything I have done up till now, but I really don’t believe anyone will really read 🙂 If you are interested I will gladly bore you with a 4-page list, no problem 😀

Diana Rob Lobke