HeartMessages – The Story

This is the story of how HeartMessages came into this world.

Ever since I was little I wanted to do something with animals and/or nature. It just took me a while before I got on the path where I am now.¬†I have learned so much during my journey, and although I am a little late really living my soul’s purpose, I haven’t regretted a single step or decision so far. Because all of that has made me into the person I am today!

There came a point in my life though when I really was at the bottom of everything, very depressed, alone, not very healthy, and there were thoughts of giving up on life. I couldn’t see the sun shine anymore. There was nothing to live for.

My sister had some puppies back then, trying to make some money selling them, but that didn’t turn out like she expected. So she stopped. But she had two puppies left. One of them was this little odd-eyed Shih-tzu puppy called Elvis. Because he had this funny hair on his head. A real charmer. I decided to take him in and take care of him, give him a good life.

And maybe you can guess, I had something to live for again! Elvis actually saved me… And the sun began to shine once again. And not long after that I met my now husband. But it would take me a while to really get back on track though.

And life was good, life was smiling. We also got a cat, Simba, and we moved to our own house. And then Elvis started to walk strange. Wobbly. We had him examined and there was something in his spine. They couldn’t determine what without putting him to sleep so we were sent home with meds. And the prognosis Elvis wouldn’t live to be very old. He was about six years then.

The meds only made him worse, he was like a zombie dog. Just lying there, not having fun in life at all (ring a bell?). So we decided to see if there wasn’t another way to help him, because he had such a strong an loving character, no way I was going to give up on him. He didn’t give up on me when I was way down.

And we got onto the path of acupuncture for dogs. And that helped him. Together with natural medicine. And he got stabilised. And the process of him becoming slowly paralysed slowed down!

And with acupuncture and natural medicine, and later the healing and other things I was able to give him, he lived on to be 16,5 years. And he has given me so much, so many lessons. Even how to guide him on his path to passing. He was my guide for so many years, and still is, only from another place ūüôā

Because of his path I also started to lead a more natural life, got into yoga, natural remedies for myself, meditation, and learned Reiki and later Shamanistic courses. And I found a study to become a naturopath for animals! This was it! I was sure. This was my future, the perfect way to help animals and use my knowledge.

So I started Natuurwezen back in 2012. This was during the studies I found above. But during those I also rediscovered my natural ability to communicate with animals and feel what was going on before even talking to the owners. But I was set on finally finishing something, the study in this case, and I did. And was very proud of that. 5,5 years of intense studies.

And began my path as an entrepreneur. But I wasn’t happy. Not feeling it. What I had learned was not fun. At least not in the way I was doing it. I got some coaching. I tried to figure out why it wasn’t working. Asked my spirit guides, asked my helpers. I was really down. During that first year our other two dogs also passed, so that didn’t make it easier. At the end of the year I looked back at what kind of clients I had, because I did the animal communication on the side. To my surprise I had more animal communication sessions then naturopath consults. And it hit me. I had to come out of the closet as being an animal communicator and healer!

And I did. And then things really started to change. For the better. Things started to flow. I could feel myself growing! Wow. And I also thought about going international. On the side. But attending an event in Brussels in March of 2016 really changed my life, flipped things upside down.

And so HeartMessages was born! And I decided to go and live my dreams, dare to dream even bigger then ever before! Going global all the way, sharing my message and gifts with the world, getting to work on the higher plan, the deeper meaning of my work. And I am totally loving it!

And the name? It was given to me by Elvis. Still giving me presents….

So take a look around, and if you want to work with me you can contact me.