The Rainbow Bridge

Many animals have come and gone in my life. Below some special ones, but all of them will forever be in my heart and memory, and some of them still help me today, others have moved on to help elsewhere. But I have gotten valuable lessons from each and every one of them.

Simba 10/5/1997 – 19/7/2006


Simba came to live with us when he was very young and stole our hearts. He was a beautiful little fluffball. During the course of his life, it became apparent that he wouldn’t live to be very old because of a congenital heart disease. Despite that fact, he still reached the respectable age of 9 years. His lessons were on how to deal with life when it’s not easy, and at the end of his life to really tune into what the animal wants, and not just to keep him with us.

Garfield 17/6/1996 – 16/5/2009


Garfield actually came to live with us when he was older. Because of circumstances, he couldn’t live with his previous owners anymore and so he came to our house. We think he already was ill at the time, and he wasn’t with us for very long. But he was such an amazing gentle cat, we will never forget him. And he still is there every now and then, helping out where he can.

Elvis 12/6/1996 – 12/12/2012


Elvis, my saviour, my soulmate. Still my guide, on every step of the way. I will write more about him in my books, and in time translate his story.

Fluffy 04/04/1999 – 02/02/2015


Fluffy, our lovely mother dog. Strong, sturdy, gentle, so full of love. She had such a strong will, and even in the last phase of her life made all the choices herself. She went on her own, without the aid of a vet, but with our love to support her. She is still around to help and brings love and joy for those who need it.

Saraja 21/08/1999 – 21/08/2015


Beautiful, sweet, stubborn Saraja. Never really giving yourself, never really opening up your heart. But when all your friends had passed on, and your beauty faded, you became so lonely and isolated. You really wanted to join them at the Rainbow Bridge. And so we let you. On your chosen time. And there you are, having the time of your life. With your beloved Lieke, and Elvis, and all the others before you. I haven’t seen you since then, at least not as a helper, and maybe we will meet again in another way, but you were there to really help me get into my own power.