Down to Earth Spirituality Membership Group

Wisdom from the animals and nature spirits as guidance for your everyday life

Do you want to experience the simple joy of just being alive and part of this beautiful life, on this blue-green bubble called Earth?

Do you want to achieve personal growth through (re-)connecting with nature and the animal world?

Do you feel somewhat lost in the world of therapy, coaching, mentoring? Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about how much information is out there in the world of self-development?

That was certainly me not that long ago…

Let me tell you a story. About my path, my life.

Ever since I was a little child, I had a special connection to the earth and the natural world, especially animals. I used to love watching the ants build their nests, at a very young age I wanted to know what kind of plants could aid me, I would go lie down on the grass and gaze at the clouds or sat against a tree to ground and find peace.

Nature, the animals, they were always there for me. In my darkest of hours, no friend, family member, or professional therapist could get me out. Until I met a cute little Shih Tzu puppy named Elvis. And he is the one that actually saved me.

Through him, and many years of going back and forth I refound my joy in life, my connection to the animals and nature. I got to know yoga, Buddhism, meditation, reiki, shamanism and all kinds of other spiritual practices to get back to my core. This opened my heart up for receiving and giving love again.

But the one thing I always thought, why is it all so up there, so “secret”.

This is part of everyday life.

Meditation is everywhere and in everything, not just on top of a mountain or in an ashram.

Yoga is for everyone.

Shamanism could be lighter, much more joyful.

The people I was drawn to in this kind of work all had one thing in common: they laughed a lot and brought humor into these sometimes heavy practices.

By finding my own path again towards the animals and nature I was also able to reconnect with my own species. And that brought me such joy!

Working with nature and animals is fun, joyful, light.

Because nature just is.


In 2016 a real calling came from the animals to start sharing their messages, to be a vessel for them.

One way was to start writing a book with messages from wild animals and to develop a fun oracle card set with these messages based on the book.

The other way was this membership group.

And to create guided meditations.

“Norma: Reading and feeling and listening to everything and everyone in the group was amazing. I am really enjoying learning more about listening to and feeling my instinct and feeling the animals. I noticed my own animals responding as well!!!! That was perfect for me! You are amazing.”

Intrigued? Then this is for you!

The wisdom from the animals and nature spirits as guidance for your everyday life. A monthly membership program anyone who feels the need to (re-)connect with nature and their inner nature in a more pro-active way.

I am tapping into my inner Shaman by creating this part for you as a way to achieve inner growth and get support from the natural world in your life. The animals and I are inviting you to take this step with us towards reconnecting with (your) nature.

It is a closed group on Facebook, so you are safe to share anything you want in there. It’s a modern take on shamanism and I will combine various systems into one new way of tapping into this source of wisdom.


Each month I will channel an animal that wants to share a message and post a picture and the message in the group, along with practical information and interesting facts on the animal.

We will work with the energy of the animal and its message for the entire month.

Once a month I will create a guided meditation for the group with the message(s) from that animal and get your own personal message. These meditations are for you to keep and revisit.

There’s also a practical task, and I will give some options you can choose from. You can think of something creative, a mood board, a mandala, or something more down to earth like a medicine walk outside, or maybe writing is more your thing, journalling.

You can then share your work or experience in the group and we will all share our thoughts and insights on this. Once a month there will be a group call through Zoom, and I will do several live streams in the group.

Your investment?

Price: You will get all of this for just € 30,00 per month, or if you pay a half year in advance you will get one month for free.

Because connecting with nature, our mother earth and all living beings is not as hard or difficult as you might think. And most importantly:

It can be fun and joyous! And by coming together as a community we can create a ripple effect to make our world a better place!

“Linda: I have loved being a part of Down to Earth Spirituality group. It has really helped me to stay focused on my connection to the earth and nature. I feel like I am growing so much from this on a spiritual level and I’ve also made such wonderful new friends. I would highly recommend this group to anyone who has a love of or an affinity for nature. There is so much wisdom from the animals that I think only they can teach us.”

To give you an idea of the animals/spirits that guided us in the past: Wolf, Humpback Whale, Hummingbird, Wild Horse, Elephant, Owl, Polar Bear, Oak, Bumble Bee, Rose Quartz, and Comfrey, Dolphin and Reindeer. They might return one day 🙂

In 2018 the following nature spirits will be guiding us (as they came in but this might change over the year if I need to take time for moving and other adventures):

January: Arctic Fox
February: Clear Quartz Crystal or Mountain Crystal
March: Birch
April: Starling
May: Butterfly
June: Rose
July: Bear
August: Sunflower
September: Tiger
October: Scorpion
November: Red Deer
December: Holly

Jeanni: When I first contemplated joining Diana’s group “Down To Earth Spirituality”, I honestly had no idea why I was joining. I joined in the month she was dedicating to Tree Energy, the Oak in particular, and the whole time as I was signing up and paying, my conscious mind was protesting. My intuition was stronger though which always raises my curiosity and so I joined despite my protests. What a wonderful experience it turned out to be too! As I listened to Diana’s stories about oak trees and other trees, it brought me back to a childhood memory of a sapling oak tree on our property that the family had planted; a memory that I had forgotten all about. I spent most summer days under that tree playing and reading stories to it…so many sweet and fond memories of my friendship with that tree. My older sister still lives in the family home so I asked if it was still there and it was. I google-mapped it and cannot really put into words the joy I felt in re-connecting with it and in seeing it. It had changed so much and of course, so have I in the 55 years that have gone by. Now I connect with it every day and we share stories of our time together, just like when we were both little saplings and of our many years apart, learning about the world around us. Thank you, Diana, for awakening me to this forgotten memory and bringing it once more to life. If anyone is in the slightest way drawn to join, just do it….even if you don’t know why. This is a treasure trove and you are part of that treasure.


How does it work? You sign up through PayPal and I will contact you with additional information you need to become a part of this at the email provided by PayPal or another one you can enter in the comments with the payment. I will add you to the closed group on Facebook. Every week I will send out an email with the information you need for that week, like the zoom link for the group call, the practical task for the week. I will also put that information into the group, through posts and files.

Can I cancel? You can always cancel your membership by stopping the payment through PayPal. When signing up for the monthly membership it is your own responsibility to cancel the payment. Also, let me know through email or Facebook message you want to cancel the membership. I will remove you from the group the month you stop, and if you accidentally have forgotten to stop the payment I will refund.
The six-month commitment is not refundable, I will contact you in the sixth month if you want to continue with a new payment link.

I will be going on holiday in month x, is there a refund? No, that is not possible. As all the information is available through the group at all time, you can always look back after your holiday and do the meditation later, or the practical task.

If some more intense stuff comes up, can I get one on one support? You can always contact me if something comes up, so we can see what I can do for you, or if I will refer you to someone else. I know a lot of amazing souls that offer various things you can choose from. I will tune into who I feel might be the best match for you and the situation.

I don’t have PayPal, do you have other options? At this time PayPal is the only option for online payments, but if you are in the Netherlands or the EU you can contact me and I will send you the information needed to make a bank transfer.

Sign up below for the monthly membership or for the half-year membership.

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