The sweet goodbyes package

Once you get a pet there also comes a time to let it go. I love guiding this proces. Whether it’s of being sick or old age, you have decisions to make. And those decisions can be hard, especially with emotions blocking your view and other people trying to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.


I can help with that. By talking to your pet and seeing what it wants. And then go through the process together with you and your pet. Seeing if your pet needs something, or wants to do something before leaving this realm. This can be such a rewarding process. It’s truly a gift for your pet.

This package we will customize together, because every situation is unique. An idea of what you could get:

  • Animal communication sessions
  • Reports through email, feedback via phone, zoom or skype
  • A free e-book with practical tips on this process (in the making)
  • Tips and advice on how to support your pet, yourself and other family members during this process (including other animals).
  • Healing and energy before or during the actual time of passing on
  • A 1 hour skype session as after care (after the pet has gone)

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What is your investment for this?

    • This option hasn’t got a fixed prize as it is something that will be customized. And because this process can vary from a few days to a few months. I therefore can also not give an indication.

Read the story on Elvis, my own dog and soulmate, about how a process like this can be. (for now only available in Dutch, translation will follow soon).

If you want to know more about this, you can schedule a free 30 minute exploratory phone- or Zoom/Skype call with me here.

Once we have agreed on a customized package and prize, I will send you a payment link.


Disclaimer: my consults are not meant as a replacement for visiting a vet. If I feel an additional visit to the vet, or other specialist is needed I will give that advice. It is your own responsibility to follow up on that advice, I cannot be held responsible if something happens if you don’t. Terms and Conditions.