Story Writing

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Show Notes Writer

What is a Show Notes Writer? It is someone who puts podcasts into text. In other words, I listen to the audio file of your podcast and do three things with it: I make a general description that covers the essence of the podcast, I make a list of notes about what subject come on what time of the podcast and I make a full transcription. I can do these in English and Dutch.

I believe that podcasts on subjects that speak to me will work better for me (and for you!), but I am always open to seeing what’s possible. I do have a wide range of interests, to give you an idea: Nature, animals, pets, environment, sustainability, eco-traveling, soul-journeys, animal behaviour (positive reinforcement for instance), books, tv, music, movies, arts, natural remedies and therapies, spirituality in general, healing, animal communication, history and archeology.

Transcription Work

I have a lot of patience and I am a good listener, so I can transcribe all kinds of things for you. Maybe you’ve done some amazing free-flow livestreams, webinars, videos and more, and think, wow, I could use the content of that for so many other things, but you don’t have the time (or patience) for transcribing yourself? I’m your girl! I love doing this.

Copy editing and proofreading

When I write something for myself (unless it’s journalling), I often am in the flow. I know most natural and creative writers are. You don’t want to get caught up in looking for spelling or grammar errors all the time, you want to stay in that flow. Often you will use some sort of spelling and grammar checking program afterwards, but I’ve often seen books, articles, blogs and more that still have errors in them. My inner perfectionist can be distracted by that, no matter how interesting the content of the writing is. I often don’t re-read the things I’ve written myself in the terms of content but I do look for errors in language use. And I also know that I still overlook them, because they were my own writings. So, it’s always good to have a third party look at your writings before they get published. I would love to do that for you. I will not give you tips and advice about how you’ve written it, but I will look for the typo’s and such. I can do this in English and Dutch.


I can do simple translations, from English to Dutch and vice-versa. For articles and blogs for instance, or short stories. My aim will be to keep the essence of the work intact after translation. Sometimes that can get lost in the process and the work gets a whole new dimension, and that’s not what you want for your souls’ work is it?

For all of this kind of work I have a set price per hour of 15 euro’s.

If you are interested in any of this work you can contact me and see what is possible.