I’ve been in the UK now for a little over two weeks. And again, as I always do when being here, feel more grounded and inspired.

Yes, I am still adjusting, to new times, new foods, living with someone who is such an uplifting and supporting spirit. Yes, I ran into some technical stuff, but most of the technical and practical stuff is sorted for now, so I can focus on creating again. Yes, the sudden wintery weather was a bit of a shock, but I loved it. The clear, crisp air and beautiful colours. No, I am still not much clearer on what I need to do to be able to stay here, if I don’t want to follow the set rules. And with no clarity on Brexit yet, it is still all a bit vague. The rules and regulations also contradict each other on several points, but I will figure it out. I am learning not to worry, not to push and pull, but to stay in a place of trust, to live in the here and now as much as possible.

But, just the joy of being connected to the land, wow. It really does something to me. I guess you could call it harmony, resonance. And Cheyenne is having such a great time! She is running through the woods and fields, drinking from the river, showing sides of her I never saw before, like chasing squirrels and pheasants, and eating things I have never seen her eat. If I ever start doubting my choices I just look at her and know I made the right choices so far. And yes, I do miss certain people, especially my sister, I do miss the pets that I left with my ex-husband, I do miss the well arranged public transport and safe cycling options. For now I don’t have an option to get my drivers license so I am still dependant on others for transport.

And other things are starting to flow again! I am going to get my business back up and running, do more writing, and already am creating things with others. Working together with others has always been on my wish-list, and it is coming true! I’ve done a Money Miracle challenge last week with Rachel Hansen from She Rocks Wealth, and uncovered something that is keeping me from manifesting those miracles. So, I will clear that energy even more, and invite in those miracles. And be open to the form they want to come in to me.

So, yes, it is really flowing. Much like the river I visit almost every day here. The favourite walk for Cheyenne and me. Where my Treefriends greet me every day, and inspire me to do more with creating nature connections.

I have to do some decluttering and stuff on my website, but I can already tell you about a few things I am going to do very soon:

  • HeartMessages experience day: This will be a real-life event, on December the 8th, here where I am staying at the moment, my beautiful host Joanne Yeah (from Animal Communication Insights) is so very kind to open up her lodge for this 🙂 You can find more information on this on Facebook.
  • I have started daily animal posts/messages on my Facebookpage again, so you are welcome to like my page and get inspired.
  • I am happy to announce that Karin Monster-Peters (from the Vibrant Sensitive) and I are ready to get the Healing Circle up and running again. More information and how to join click here.
  • Another happy announcement is that Jeanni McBride Jones and I are about ready to present our membership group The Medicine Way to you, where we will be following the energies of the Medicine Wheel with you. This starts on the Winter Solstice, December 21st.
  • And last but not least, I am happy to be able to offer you a webinar on Pets in Spirit, together with Joanne Yeoh, that we will be presenting on November the 18th. You can find more on that and reserve your seat over here.

And besides that I am working on offering personalised card readings and meditations, bringing back the yearanimal meditation-journey (in a slightly different form), offering animal communication sessions again (limited and with specific purpose), organising nature walks, getting my first book ready for publishing (all the writing is done, it is now in editing and designing phase), working on my next book, and ready to create some e-books.

But… I am taking my time, not pushing anything, staying in this inspirational and guided energy, following my heart and intuition, playing with several options. I would love to get a steady income from all of this, rather then find a paid job. Just exploring all the options, and I love doing this in a playful way. Stay in this flow.

So, that’s where I am at right now. I will keep you updated on this journey of a lifetime!

Much love,

Diana and Cheyenne.



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