It’s Alive!

It’s Alive!


Well, actually, She is alive.

I am talking about this amazingly beautiful, wonderful, abundant planet we are honoured to live on. She that we call Earth. That I call Mother Earth.

She who is always there for us, no matter what we throw at her.

How many of you see the planet as a living, breathing being? I do.

Her time differs from ours though, and what is a day to us is probably many hundreds or even thousands of years in her experience. Just as an animal that has a short lifespan in our eyes just as much experiences a whole lifetime.

I love her, I am in love with everything she offers me. Life. So much beauty. I couldn’t imagine life without her. Oh wait, there IS no life as we experience it without her.

I often feel her pain, her worries. I wonder how she sees us. Yesterday I wondered if maybe we are just a nasty bug, that she can’t seem to get rid of.

It actually isn’t that weird to think of us as a bug. As a virus. That is spreading throughout her body, affecting her organs, invading her cells, like parasites using up all she is.

Maybe we were once an innocent little virus that co-existed with her perfectly, and every time her immune system was affected we got out of control. But, every time she could contain us spreading like crazy. Maybe we are like the kind of virus that normally is present in a body, but doesn’t do much harm until the body is compromised by something else.

She had a similar virus once before and had to get help from outside to get rid of that one. Only a small part of that virus stayed behind, pretty harmless living in harmony with her.

We think Earth is pretty old, but I don’t feel she is that old. She’s probably in her thirties by now. And she has been getting stronger over the years, but this virus, wow, it’s a nasty one. This virus mutates fast and finds ways to fight of her defence system.

So she is developing a fever now, with a cold fit every now and then, and shivering, shaking, breathing heavily. Maybe that will get rid of the virus.

And the other nasty thing about this virus is that it is affecting her natural and healthy flora and fauna. Already some members have been lost. Her whole system is off balance now.

This virus, called Homo sapiens, is a weird one. Because part of this virus isn’t that bad and is actually trying to help her. But that is still a small percentage and they don’t or slowly multiply. The biggest percentage is actually multiplying like mad! And mutating so fast, she can’t keep up with looking at new ways to control the virus.

She is thinking of asking for outside help again. Maybe her partner, Father Sun can be of assistance. Maybe he can throw some fire down. But, that would also affect the healthy flora and fauna. On the other hand, she survived the other times too. She recovered and came out stronger.

She knows one day her life will come to an end, as does everything. She will be absorbed by Father Sun, and together they will return to Source. They will become Stardust once more, only to be reborn from that at one point. To create a new family.

But she is not ready to die just yet. So, she will keep huffing and puffing and is giving all she can. And she has asked Source to help that small percentage of the virus that mutated into a benign form to become stronger. To help them become part of her defence system. She hopes that this will be enough and that she will not have to take more extreme measures.

Just some random thoughts I had on a Monday night. Or are they just thoughts?




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