Meditation Journeys

For making contact with your own animal, finding your power animal, or other (personalised) meditation journeys:

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Meditation Journeys with the animal spirits:

Finding your animal spirit guide (totem- or power animal): We all have an animal spirit accompanying us on this life. Most of us are not consciously aware of what animal it is. Some of us are, and some of us have more than one. This meditation journey will help you in getting to know your companion.
This is the first basis for you to start working with animal spirit guides.

Just € 15,00 for this journey on getting to know your animal companion.

After payment I will email you a link to where you can download the meditation.

Personalised meditation with your spirit or poweranimal:
Once you know your animal, you can take it on many journeys with you and ask it for daily guidance. Not all find it easy though to meditate on their own, and like guided meditations. I can make one for you and your spirit animal, with any kind of question or theme you want. Available soon!

Yearanimal Meditation: Every year I create a special meditation to find the animal that will guide you on a special year. It is available between December and January. You can find more on this over here.

Flight of the Eagle: if you feel lost, caught up in the details, Eagle will take you on a journey to get a clear view on where you are on your journey and what your next step might be.

Just € 15,00 for this amazing flight!

After payment I will email you a link to where you can download the meditation.

(NOTE: this meditation-journey is free if you subscribe to my newsletter!)

Building with Beaver: Beavers are master builders, and on this journey, Beaver will help you find the pieces you need to build your dream. Coming soon!

Weaving your own web with Spider: a lot of people are afraid of spiders, and they really shouldn’t be. They can be amazing teachers if you let them show you their medicine. In this journey, Spider will show you how to weave your own web, and catch the things you need in your life and let go of the others. And how to get back up if you fall or your web is damaged. Coming soon!

Meditation Journeys on connecting with your pet:

Why is your pet with you? This meditation journey will connect you to your beloved pet on a soul level and helps you understand why it is in your life. Maybe you even have shared lives before. Maybe it’s here to teach you something or support you. This will deepen your bond with your pet. Available soon!

Message from your pet at the Rainbow bridge: This meditation journey will help you contact your deceased beloved pet, and see if they want to share anything with you that they couldn’t when they were with you. You can also find out if it is with you as a guardian angel, or if it will return to you in this life. Available soon!

If you are interested in any of these, please contact me and I will send you a link for making the payment.