Messages from beyond. From your pet at the Rainbow Bridge.

I can also contact pets that have already passed on. In my experience lots of pet owners are left with questions, grief, self doubt after their pet has passed. What better way to find out how your pet experienced this by asking it.

In the talks I had with pets that were no longer on this earth I had amazing messages, and so much love going on. Sometimes I can even help them move on if they are stuck, because they died suddenly for instance.


What do you get?

  • An animal communication session (unlimited questions, different from the Sweet and Short message)
  • Report through email (it’s like a love letter from heaven!)

What do I need?

  • A photograph from your beloved pet, I always ask for the photo they have a special feeling about, or that really depicts the pets’ character.
  • Questions you have for your pet, or if you just want a message
  • How it passed

“Caroline: Diana helped me so much, when I asked her to connect to a deceased pet of mine. She helped me to release all guilt and pain around the relationship with our awesome dog. Thanks to her, I felt able to say YES to a new puppy and embrace her with all my heart. Gone are doubts and guilt of my former dog. Now it is love and trust and pure joy, she is a lovely addition to our family. Thank you Diana, thank you so much, you have an awesome gift. I can highly recommend Diana to anyone, who loves to connect to former pets or to understand their current ones better. Diana is an awesome animal communicator, and you can clearly feel her love for all animals.”

What is your investment for this?

  • This option is only € 59,00. I love giving these messages, and because there are no aftercare sessions, bodyscans, healings needed I can keep this low.

If you want to know more before booking this you can schedule a free 30 minute exploratory phone- or Zoom/Skype call with me here.

I have Mondays and Tuesdays reserved for these sessions.

If you are ready to book:

If we haven’t had an exploratory call I will send you further instructions through email.