After the eclipse


Wow, what an intense period this is. The energies… the eclipses, the fires in the heavens, the Blue Storm wavespell.

I feel broken and beaten, I have been through so much lately, and that ended in me having a physical scare last Saturday. It made me realise I have been fooling around again. Not being totally honest with myself and others. Not aligned with what I truly want and what my purpose is in life.

I had a few days where I felt so much fear, panic, anxiety. Old, really old wounds opened up again. Fears I thought I had gone through over the past few years. Fear of failure, fear of dying young, not being enough, not doing enough, not fulfilling my purpose.

I think it was coming, the signs were there. I stopped playing the harp, stopped singing and dancing, not wanting to connect to people, including my husband, not enjoying life. I was comparing myself to others big time.

I was stuck in a place of survival. In many areas. I wasn’t thriving. I was laughing it all away, not wanting to go there and admit I wasn’t doing as ok as I let myself and others believe.

I went for the oh, others have it much worse than me, trap again. As I have done many times in my life. Writing my book really lets me see that pattern.

So, this morning, in the aftermath of the eclipse, I knew it was time to make some tough decisions. To stop and change some things. In life and business. And I know that in doing this I am giving myself space to create something that is even better in alignment with my souls’ purpose.

It felt like failure though. But, as with everything in life, it is ok to change my mind, to break down certain things and start building something new. Like the Spider that builds up her web again after the storm destroyed it.

I know I have to. The health scare and almost having no money at this time are clear signs to me it is time to make some big changes. I know if I don’t the Universe will do it for me in not so gentle ways.

It is all about finding my joy, my ease and effortlessness, my passion and flow. So, this morning I sat down and went through what brought me those. I had a reading last week with someone, who could sense that my Solar Plexus was low in energy, but that my basic colour was yellow-orange. The colour of joy and light.

This is not the first time somebody has shared this with me, or seen this with me. They all see this fire, this light, but it is dimmed.

She also sensed my connection to the animal kingdom, and the fact that I divide animals and humans. Weird, right? I preach we are all the same, but honestly? I place animals above humans many times. So, there is a lesson in there for me.

One of my biggest lessons in life is to love myself, be gentle to myself, and above all, follow my inner wisdom. I have been caught up most of my life in the should and must do things. Every time I wanted to make a big decision on something, other people would talk me out of it. I wanted to be liked and approved by others so much, that in the end I most of all ended up pleasing everyone but myself.

So…. back to the drawing board again. What do I really love to do, where do I feel alive and passion:

  • Animals. Learn about animals, nature, plants, trees. All of it. I am like a sponge. I love it. And I love sharing about it.
  • Music. Music can move my heart and soul, in ways the spoken word never could. I mean, would a movie be just as good without the music? Or a nature documentary for that matter?
  • Writing! Oh yes. Writing. And the fact that I don’t get to it as much as I would like is stressing me out.
  • Talk about the deeper meanings of life, on what’s going on with the energies. Deep, profound talks. I am a bit of a philosopher.
  • Walk. I love to walk. Especially in nature. Climbing a hill (not mountains because of my poor stamina haha).
  • Just be. Sit (or walk) and listen. Be in stillness.
  • Be a channel: the things I create for my membership group, the meditations, my writing. These are truly guided. I never know what will come, I just let it come. And it is truly effortless, I don’t have to think about it.
  • Spend time with wonderful people, but the right ones. Finding my tribe. But also honour my need for self-time, and be okay with that. No more excuses. Just saying I need some alone time.
  • Watching sunrises and sunsets in faraway countries, spending time on a train. I love to travel and learn about new people, countries, cultures. And I really miss that.

I feel I have been creating a lot of things for others, because I had learned that I must do something, offer something of value. But. Am I not enough? The things I just wrote down. That should be enough. And it is. More than.

Now, what does this mean for my work? My business? My life?

We are in the midst of selling our house, and we are not sure on where to go next. I don’t even know where to put my relationship with my husband right now. I am still exploring what this means. So, committing to a new house and mortgage is a bit overwhelming. But I know I really want more nature, and more quiet, so maybe temporarily move into a recreational home for instance. We will see, and I am not alone in this. This needs more exploring and clarity.

In my business, well, this needs some big reviewing indeed. I have been doubting continuing the animal communication sessions for pets for a while now, but every time people were like, oh, no, don’t stop, you are so good at it! So, I continued. But, no more, I feel I need to use this gift in another way. So, yes, this might come as a shock to some of you, but I will discontinue the animal communication sessions with pets.

This will also mean I will stop doing the Speedreadings for Charity. I will find another way to support my favourite charity in this. I will do them the rest of the year, but stop them in 2018.

You see, I no longer want to do it for you. I want to do it with you, empower you to learn yourself. I don’t want to give you the answers, I want you to find them yourself.

This will be much more powerful and improve the bond with your animal and nature big time.

So, this is something I will start creating, but I will let this grow organically. Effortless 🙂 With joy and ease.

I will continue being the messenger for animals and nature, always, but do that through writing blogs and books, and through my membership group Down to Earth Spirituality. I really want to do more with that and explore the options in there.

I will start recording the meditations I already have gotten through and combine those with nature sounds and music I will make myself.

I am going to explore giving workshops in real life, maybe together with others. The options of creating nature- and medicine walks. And maybe organising retreats together with other beautiful souls.

In September I will be starting the Vibrant Healing Circle with Karin Monster-Peters and this will be a good way for me to learn to co-create.

So, that is where I stand right now. This is what I am going to explore the coming months.

As always, with love and light,





Speedreadings for Charity and Rose Quartz in the Down to Earth Group


Hello everybody!

Two short announcements for you:

First: Next Tuesday I will be doing short readings with pets for charity again. I have 7 spots left. Read more about it on this page and claim your spot.

Second: We are just about to enter the closing week with Bumblebee in the Down to Earth Spirituality Group, and already looking forward to working with a very different kind of energy, that of a crystal: Rose Quartz. Read more about that on this page and register for September.

Looking forward to being of service again!

Love and light,


Vibrant Sensitive Healing Circle

High five Toendra

Hello beautiful soul!

I have some exciting news to share with you!

One of my biggest wishes has always been to co-create with others. To combine talents and strengths and together create more magic than we could alone.

And wishes do come true! The start of something new! The birth of a healing circle!

I was asked by someone I met last year to do this, and I proudly accepted. And yes, this is stepping out of my comfort zone big time, but at the same time really answering the call of my soul!

That someone is the amazing Karin Monster-Peters from the Vibrant Sensitive movement. I met Karin last year, first online trough a group we were both in on visibility, then we joined the same Mastermind, and finally we met in real life in the fall, at an event in Bruges. Mind you, we both live in the Netherlands, so how special is that! But we both work online and with people from all over the world, because we just love to be limitless in that way.

I was fascinated by her insight and knowledge on humans and the human mind, especially the sensitives and gifted ones. And she was fascinated by my work with animals and nature.

So we kept in touch, I joined her free group, she joined my membership group. And soon we realised we can truly complement each other. It’s like combining heaven and earth! She has an amazing presence on video, she is truly vibrant, I am like a walking Mother Earth, bringing calm and groundedness.

We have a lot of the same beliefs, and we both share a passion for higher energies, and are very in tune with those.

So when she started talking about setting up a healing circle, I really felt drawn to it. Not to join as a member, but in the back of my mind I felt like joining as a facilitator. But I was afraid to ask. So, when she asked me, it immediately was a yes for me!

The healing circle itself will be online, via a closed Facebook group, and twice a month we will host a healing. These will be done via Zoom, and is most powerful if you attend live, but it will also be recorded and placed in the group. We will combine our energies, gifts and talents in this.

And in between create and hold a beautiful space for you to share about your experiences. This is actually something we both are really good at, creating a safe and sacred space for you.

This all for just € 35,00 per month!

You can read more about this amazing collaboration between two kindred souls and sign up on this page.

Healing is so needed, also globally, but you can’t heal the world if you do not heal yourself first. And it will be in beautiful, loving, joyful and still very powerful way.

Consider this a gift to yourself!

Love and light,

Success, Money and Abundance?


Oh, the life of an entrepreneur. And how it challenges me.

At times I feel like I am close to a burn out, and that is what I wanted to escape most of all when I left my well paid daytime job. When I started following my dreams. Or at least, the dreams I had at the time.

My calling to work with animals and nature will always be there, but maybe I am not meant to do it as an entrepreneur. Or at least not in the classic sense of what being an entrepreneur is, even heart-centred ones.

Yesterday I watched this video, already from 2014, about a man who quit money. And it so resonated with me. So many things he said made so much sense to me.

I am not a business woman. I suck at marketing and sales. I hate building websites and creating memes. I don’t want a booming career. I don’t want to be successful in the way most people see it. I am not about more, bigger, better. More the other way around, less, simplify, stillness, contentment.

One day I hope to be able to say when people ask me what I do: nothing. I am.

All this stuff around success, greatness, bigger. It is giving me so much stress. It is bringing up limiting beliefs and blocks. That I maybe even never had! If you don’t want succes, more money, being famous, than you lack self-worth. I what? So, yes, of course, I believed that.

But you know what? I don’t lack self-worth. Not in that sense. My connection to nature is the most valuable I have, but I don’t want to put that into terms of money.

My husband often says I don’t understand economics. He is partly right, partly wrong about that. Technically I understand how economics work, but I don’t understand its use. And that is where the video mentioned above comes in.

Because, when I look at nature, I see a whole different system. Nature doesn’t need money, or economics. It would even do better without these manmade constructions. “We devalue nature, because everything in nature is for free”, he says in the video. And that is so true.

When you look closer at nature, it is the most succesful, abundant, grand system I know.

There is a constant exchange of energy, resources. There is no need for payment. Nature holds its own, as long as we don’t try to interfere or control.

I was thinking about this, reflecting this on myself. Money is energy they always say, and yes, that is true, certainly nowadays, with all the digital money. And if it is energy, why need it at all? What if there was no money, the pressure of having to make it to only give it away again. What if we all were to just work and produce from a place of caring and giving. Much like native tribes do.

My husband at that point would then say, yes, come off your Utopian cloud and become real.

But, just look at nature. Is nature Utopia then? No. It’s very real. You can touch it, feel it, see it, smell it. And it sustains itself. Again, if we don’t interfere.

Abundance is all around, if we can step out of the bigger, better, more mindset.

All the people I have come in contact with over the years since starting my business are in that mindset. Wether they want to admit it or not. Will they give freely? Yes, but only if they have enough to give. So, they condition their ability to give. Only if.

What is success? When I see I’ve inspired someone with my writing, that is success to me. When I see someone picking up a spider and transporting it outside because it is a living being, that is success to me. When I send a message to someone about a tune in session for their cat, and they reply there is no need, because they are in a good place together, that is success to me. When I hear about people eating less meat, that is succes to me. When I give to someone without wanting or expecting anything in return, that is success to me.

On a call I attended yesterday someone said that we should stop healing, but instead inspire someone to start healing themselves. That spoke to me. Big time.

A lot of the work I do and did comes from a place of wanting to help, but so often I realise that everything I do is just putting a band aid over the wound, and not really helping them in the end. It is temporary. What I would love most is to inspire people to start healing themselves. To start that inner process. To turn towards nature for inspiration. To slow down. Stop being part of the rat race. Listen to themselves. Stop the temporary adrenaline rushes. The feeling you will get from attending events with people like Tony Robbins, it is temporary. After you leave it lingers on for a while, but eventually it will fade, and people will go after the next rush. Resulting in adrenal fatigue, burn-out and depression. Because they keep looking on the outside. And the answers are found within.

So, again I retreat. Me being human and therefore having some sort of sense of wanting to belong keeps me looking for a “group” I feel at home with. Call it my tribe if you willl. But every time I feel like it’s not “it”. I keep missing the link to nature, the slower pace. To be a real changemaker. Not just put a new label on an old system.

What do I truly want? Less, declutter, letting go of the shoulds. Inspire others through writing. Through teachings. Taking people into nature to see what is real. And just be. That is what I want most of all. Just be.

Love and light,



Cartoon konijn

I know the blogs I have written lately were mostly about me and my journey, and not so much about what I do.

But, the more I go on these soul journeys, the what I do seems to be less important more and more. I’ve even been thinking about answering I am Diana to the question what do you do. Kind of like I am Groot. That’s all you need to know really. He was the only character in Guardians of the Galaxy I really liked. Just because he was Groot. Nothing more, nothing less. But in the end, he saved the day, and just Groot was the most important member of the team.

This week I read a few posts and blogs on transformation. The energies are intense right now, you don’t even have to be in the spiritual realm, or in any kind of awareness movement to sense that.

I do believe we are in a very transformational period right now. As mankind, as a whole. Maybe caused by us, maybe not. They are all cycles, life is all about change, transformation and cycles. To resist those, is like swimming against the stream or flying head into a storm.

The blogs and posts I read were about the fact that people in business sell transformation. That it is not about what and how you sell, even if you sell at all, it is not even about the process of them going through your sessions, or your courses, it is what happens afterwards. The transformations, the shifts, the changes. No matter what they are and how deep they go. Because, even if you didn’t get the result you wanted, or they expected something else, the change has taken place. The moment you get in contact it already does. For both of you by the way.

Maybe the things they’ve learned from you will sink in later. They will get the aha-moments months after they worked with you. And that is just beautiful. And you will learn how to maybe do things a bit different, it always goes both ways.

But, we are so caught up in getting results, acknowledgement, testimonials. So busy with what I do is the best, come work with me, I promise you this or that.

So, what if we just let go of the outcome? Would you ask a testimonial from a friend you’ve helped? Or a family member? Maybe just being you has been lifechanging for them, but you don’t think twice about helping them. You just do. Because they are your friend or family member. You wouldn’t dream of getting a testimonial.

I feel that in business we basically could do the same. Just work with that person, or in my case pass on the messages from nature and the animals, write my books, create my meditations, and just let it be. Job done.

I’ve heard many times months later, or even years later, that what I did has made such a huge difference. And I love that. It means I’ve just planted some seeds, and they have grown in their own time. Job done. Not about me, my ego or anything. I’ve done what I came here to do. Transform.

Too many times we are focussed on instant results, on quick fixes. It doesn’t work like that. Wanting things to change fast will only leave you crashed and burned out. It’s like a thunderstorm raging through your system, leaving a mess behind that might even make things worse!

And yes, you might get small bursts of big steps forward, of big aha-moments, but most of the time it takes time to let it all sink in.

The things you’ve believed all your life, that have been planted in your system in your youth, by society, media, education and more. They take time to shake off and find your own inner truths. To unlearn.

It’s like expecting the weight you’ve gained over many years to disappear in two days. That doesn’t happen either. It takes time, and changing your eating and exercise habits.

If you’ve been conditioned to believe in the dominance theory in animal behaviour, even though the researchers that came up with it are admitting they were wrong, it takes time to change that belief.

How do you change?

By being open, asking questions. Don’t take anything you read, hear or see for granted.

But it is a choice, your choice, you always have a choice.

I’ve done this all my life, ever since I was a little kid. Question everything. Search for my own truths. And yes, sometimes that meant I came to the same conclusions, but… they were my own.

I even wrote an essay once that was only made up of questions. Around world issues. Around life. Nature. Politics. Best grade I ever got for an essay.

I must be a nightmare to schoolteachers, coaches and mentors, just because I question everything.

Especially when it is presented as the truth. That really triggers something in me. Maybe even to disprove the truth they present. Or at least make the ones that presented it question it themselves.

So, for instance, when I see posts on social media about the mind being set to focus on the negative, I immediately question this. And I have good reason to. Because when I look at a baby or a young child, I don’t see this at all. So… is this not learned behaviour? Conditioned? If so, we can certainly change this around.

When I see a post about a certain type of food being bad for you, I ask myself why? I look at the source of the article, and if it is purely unbiased. The same goes for any scientific paper that is presented. Who funded the research? Is it really done in the name of science? For the good of people? Or….

I know, questioning everything can be very tiring, but yes. I do. Religion is just a belief system. Because they rule out science. But science is also a religion. Because they rule out what they can’t “see”. Both have to admit at some point that over time a lot of their theories have proven or tested wrong. Or at least another truth as they first assumed.

I believe that a lot of what we are going through as human beings in these times have to do with the fact that we just take so much on as truth. That our inner wisdom and knowledge knows that a lot of this is not truth. At least not our truth. And it resists. Your body resists. Your mind resists. You feel this isn’t for you, but you’ve unlearned to be openminded, and curious like little children are. You have been “drilled” to take on things presented by others as true. And there is soooo much input nowadays. It is hard to discern. Taking a step back, retreat into stillness, will at least clear away the outer clutter and help you find your inner truths.

Nobody is born religious, I’ve never seen animals go to church or worship something else than life itself. That there is “something” that is guiding us, yes, for sure. But what that is? Nobody really knows, right? I call it Source, Great Spirit. And my anchor is Mother Earth, the one thing my whole system feels is real.

So, please, stay openminded, curious and ask questions.

Any questions?

Love and light



I quit!!


Yes, I quit! As of now. I handed in my notice. I am leaving this way of life.






Okay, let me explain.

I am quitting trying to fit in a box. I no longer want to be labelled. For what I do. I just want to do who I am.

Over the years, I have tried. To fit in. To be a part of this system of trying to fit people in boxes, putting labels on them.

I’ve looked into astrology, numerology, did all kinds of personality tests, even was tested “positive” as being a certain Ayurveda type.

But I’ve discovered something. I tend to start living accordingly to the box. To the label.

Interesting, right? And I even do it to other people! And their pets! I tend to judge the book by the cover, or in this case, the label.

But… we are not labels, we are not the result of some tests conjured up by people trying to make sense of it.

We are not labels. We are not types. We are not statistics. We are all unique.

How did I run into this? It started with “admitting” to myself I am an empath. I didn’t want that label. Because with a label, people would start to treat me accordingly. And I even started treating myself that way. Be honest, if somebody says I am this or that, you will treat them accordingly, right? This is how people also become their illness.

I started reading the “lists” out there with traits and qualities of empaths. And even if I didn’t recognise myself in some of the things on the list, I was like, well, they will probably come out eventually.

And then it happens. I start to create a story. That will make the list come true. Maybe I wasn’t a true empath in the direct sense of the word, by reading the lists I started to become one. Thoughts become things, right? And as I have a beautiful mind, but also very powerful, I am creating a lot of things that are not me.

So, I quit. From now on I am going to do 100% me. No more labels, no more boxes.

I will find my own way, express my unique being fully. I will no longer try to fit in a box or put on a label that doesn’t fit me. I will not try to adapt to the box or the label.

Isn’t this true authenticity? Being and doing 100% me?

I am still on the road to discovering that me, or maybe it is recovering. Maybe I’ve been addicted to the tests and labels. Collecting the boxes. To avoid going in and just being me. The fear of not being enough. To trying to understand me. But I am already all I need to be. Just me.

And I promise I will stop doing that to others too. Just approaching you as I would animals and nature. Fully accepting you for who you are. Not for what you try to be, not the label you or someone else put on you, not for what you do.

No standard forms or 10 step plans. Just approaching you as the unique being you are.

Are you doing fully you? Or are you trying to fit in, living the label?

Love and light,

Diana. Just Diana.

Growing pains


This little girl above. I am in love with her. She looks so sweet and gentle, and still so full of hope. Ready to take on the world. Transform it.

As some of you might have guessed, that little girl is me, some 38 years ago I think.

Life is a constant sequence of cycles. Times where we feel like we are on top of the world, and times where we feel like hiding under a rock.

At least, it is and always has been for me. And I know now that this is perfectly okay.

I don’t often speak about my trials and tribulations, as they are such a normal part of life for me. I love living in the now, and am not really into living in the past or the future.

But, when limiting beliefs or blocks come up, I have to revisit the past. See where it originated.

It always amazes me how something that seemed very simple at the time can have such profound effects in later life. Something somebody said or did. Just one time.

Imagine what the events that had more impact on my life have caused.

When I look at this picture I believe I was still innocent. Unaware of things going on in our family, or life in general.

It all changed when my brother made his first suicide attempt. Going through old pictures of myself, I see how this has affected me. And how with every emotional period in my life, my body expands, wrapping itself in a protective blanket. Because I wasn’t used to talking about it. Or acknowledge my feelings.

Trying to get my business to the next level is bringing up a lot. Writing my book is doing the same. Old stuff and limiting beliefs.

I’ve worked with several people over the years on this, sometimes more successful than other times, but that was always because of my own commitment.

Lately I’ve been falling back into my victim role mode. I notice that when that happens I get a bit bitchy, preachy, and just not a very nice person overall. Where I move away from the loving, bright-lighted person I usually am, into a judgmental bitch.

Not just towards others, but very much so towards myself. That I am not enough, I don’t do enough, I am not educated enough, I don’t deserve a good life.

I start comparing myself to others, that in my eyes all have got it together.

I start hating this body I am in, as it doesn’t feel like me at all.

I feel guilty about not contacting people, not doing enough for my mother, or husband, or pets.

And when I am in that kind of energy, for sure I will start to attract everything and everyone that will confirm all of these feelings.

But… I am lucky. I have a few people in my life that care enough about me to wake me up. Not literally smack me in the face, but they will point out to me where I am at.

And I wake up. Every time it feels like waking up. Well, this time it was really literally waking up, because I got up one morning and thought, wow… I did it again.

And so, with renewed energy, I go back to the drawing board. Or writing board in my case 🙂

I revisit my vision and mission. I look at all the positive things in my life, and they are numerous. People, animals, a relatively good health, a roof over my head, and the ability to eat good organic food.

I also see where I can do better. When I look at my body, and know that it is ok to earn money with what I do. To ask for money for my services. That it is time to start investing in me. Not every euro I earn has to flow back in my business, or to charity, or in taking care of others.

When I look at my skin, feel my muscles, look at my feet and nails, I know I haven’t been taking good care of myself. Or at my clothes, not having anything without holes or being out of form. Yes, I do the inner work, yoga, meditation and more. I take good care of my mental and spiritual side, but not so much on my physical body.

And I should! This is my vessel. Without my body I wouldn’t be able to carry that big heart of mine, or that beautiful mind that makes the connections. Or that bright light that can light up the room I am in. That I have been hiding away for so long.

I also tuned in to Bumblebee, the animal spirit that will be guiding us in my membership group Down to Earth Spirituality in August.

They are like these little superheroes, it is even presenting itself to me with a tiny superhero cape.

It is telling me that if I really want, I can achieve anything. I have all that I need to do that inside of me. All that magic. That wisdom. That inner knowledge.

I don’t need more courses, challenges, coaches to tell me what to do. I know what to do.

I just need to put on my cape and go out there. Be my own superhero. In a style that suits me.

I am ready to take action and work towards realising that bigger dream, part of my vision and mission for a healthier planet and a sustainable way of life. Where we live together with nature and the animals, and no longer are parasitic on this beautiful planet.

To share the messages I get from animals and nature. Through writing, meditations, sessions with pets and so much more. To work towards that retreat center in nature, where I co-create with others on giving people that much needed self-time where they can reconnect to nature, to their nature, and find out why they have come here in the first place. To remember your souls contract.

To work towards getting more visible, no longer being afraid of judgement.

And above all, do this my way. On my terms. With love and joy. From intuition.

I dream of a different and to me better world. Old systems crumbling down. I do feel that will become reality one day. I do feel this is possible.

So, I have to start living by example. To show that what I do is worth it. That is does make a difference. That this kind of work is worth it. That I am worth it.

Step by step, but maybe it is time the steps I take will become a bit bigger. To start dancing around the room instead of on the spot. To sing not just for myself but let my voice be heard. The voice that is a spokesperson for animals and nature. To be their translator. And I always hear I have such a soothing voice, so better start sharing it 🙂

And I am making changes in my life to work towards this. To be bold and brave enough to speak up and out. To reach more souls with these messages, as they are so important.

I am ready for the next cycle. Will you join me?

Love and bright lights,


p.s. the next round of the mentioned Down to Earth Spirituality Group starts tomorrow! Not too late to join. Maybe Bumblebee has a little cape for you too!!!

My biggest mission, vision, dream.


I am an idealist. I admit it. I truly am, and always have been. The people I admire most in life are also idealists. Jane Goodall, Nelson Mandela, David Attenborough, Martin Luther King, even Jesus.

People with big dreams and visions. Not for themselves. Not for their own ego. Their intent probably wasn’t to become famous. But they all had a dream. A bigger vision. A mission. A calling.

They are not the superhero action types. They are not the ones shouting and screaming. Selling you “stuff”. They are the silent warriors, that try to achieve change through being an example themselves, and through creating awareness. And by being a beacon of calm in a sea of chaos.

I am not one to be like anyone else, above all I want to be me. Fully. But… I would love to fall in the category of my heroes. To be that silent warrior. Someone who really creates change. Who is not screaming on stage. But people still know they can turn to.

My goal is not to become famous. Not to be rich. Those all would be side-effects that would aid me in creating that ideal world. But if I can be a part of this shift without being famous or rich, I would be equally as happy.


I have a dream.

A dream of a healthy planet.

A dream of people living in harmony with her and all her residents.

A dream of animals not suffering or going extinct due to the actions of mankind.

A dream of people taking responsibility for their own lives and actions.

A dream of people being able to understand animals and nature, in every possible way.

A dream where people no longer need chemical medicine, but trust on nature to provide.

A dream where people stop trying to control nature and other people, but treat each other with respect and love.

A dream of a world without the dogma’s of religion.

A dream where I am a part of this awakening process.

A dream where I am a teacher and healer through my given talents.

A dream where old systems have been broken down and made space for a more natural way of life.

A dream where this is no longer a dream but reality. Where one day I can truly say:

I HAD a dream.

I am done with people saying to me: get real. This IS my reality. I can’t do it any other way. And I know I am not the only one.

And yes. Imagine is my life song.

Bumblebee, the amazing animal spirit that is guiding us in the Down to Earth Spirituality membership group next month, is also about accomplishing the impossible. To have that supreme confidence and deep belief that you can achieve anything you want. And for me, that is the above. I look forward to learning its lessons on this.

What about your biggest dreams? Do you find them to be impossible?




Speedreadings and Down to Earth membership August


Sometimes you just have to be a little flexible in life and business and juggle around with time.

I have been busy getting our house ready for sale, and then a letter from our tax-authorities came in that needed my attention. Basically, they are thinking of no longer accepting my work as official source of income! Really?

Now, I could have gone and thrown the towel in the ring, but nothing is going to stop me from doing my work and sharing my message. It’s just too important to be stopped by some tax-law.

So, I am busy creating all kinds of beautiful things for you and your animal(s), the planet and the wild animals. And writing my book!

But in the meantime, I have things that are ready to go! Some of them I wanted to bring to your attention.

Last year I started doing speedreadings for charity for instance! They have been so popular that I got every month filled up without having to promote them! They have been going slower lately, so I decided to start promoting them outside the groups that I posted them in.

What are they? They are short readings for your pet, one question or one message, and all profit goes to my chosen charity. The minimum for a reading like this is € 15,00.

I do these every last Tuesday of the month, and the next one is July 25th! I do 10 readings maximum per day and I still have 9 spaces left. Want to know more or claim your spot? You can do that over here.

The other thing that is going well is my Down to Earth Spirituality Membership group. This month we are being guided by Oak, and we’ve already gotten such beautiful messages and readings. I am loving working with a tree for a change!

You can already sign up for next month, where we will be guided by a little superhero of nature, Bumblebee. Seriously, Marvel or DC should make a movie about them.

They are such amazing creatures, they are gentle, strong, and very important for pollination. And you just want to cuddle them! They won’t sting easily, but they can, so maybe make it a gentle hug 😉

But just look at them, that big body in comparison to its wings. How do they do it?

I love Bumblebees. They always make me feel happy.

I already feel that what we will be working with, will be on this amazing confidence Bumblebees have, and that they want us to have that too. To know that we are fully capable to do whatever we set out to do. Things that might seem impossible.

Are you ready for guidance on this by Bumblebee? For just € 30,00 you can. Learn more about this here, where you can also book your month, or membership.

And last but not least, I have started working on my guided meditation journeys, and the first one that is available is my free opt-in for subscribing to my newsletter. I have now made it available for purchase. So you can still get it without having to subscribe to my newsletter.

These kind of meditation journeys are just € 15,00 per piece, and I will be creating more very soon. You can find them on this page.

That is it for now, more coming very soon!

Looking forward to working with you!

Love and light


A passion for nature


Last Friday I did a live stream on my Facebook page about my Down to Earth membership group.

I even had the nerve to watch it back, and you know what? I liked it!

One thing that struck me though was how the moment my passion really was beginning to show I backed down again.

I wondered why is it so hard for me to really talk about the things that are so close to my heart in a passionate way?

I know I can through the written word, but what is holding me back to do the same through the spoken word?

I know it’s me. Only me. I am holding myself back. Because, what if I get all worked up. Start sweating. Maybe even start crying, or get angry, when I share my passion for nature.

Because it is there. The feeling.

And how I wish I could take all of you into my world. Into how I experience nature, animals. How I connect with the earth, the trees, the plants. How I can hear, see, feel them. How the messages keep coming in so deeply lately.

How I can get overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of this planet, of lakes enclosed by beautiful mountains and forests. The vastness of the open seas. The beauty of the birds flying free.

How I love sharing what little facts I know about nature, but even more so the energies. How we are all one. All connected. All dependant on each other.

I wish I could take you on a journey, make you see why a healthy planet is the most important thing to me. And how for me it is so hard to be amongst people that destroy this beauty. This medicine. This well, everything. And for what? Greed?

As I am typing this I see the images of death and destruction passing before my eyes. Vanishing rain forests, cutting down beautiful big trees because they are in our way, killing animals to fulfil our needs in a horrible way. And most of it is because of our need to expand. The more, more, more syndrome. And I cry. My heart cries.

This is WHY I do what I do. Why I started this journey. Why I create what I create. Not just to help you on your path, or helping you and your pet to connect on a deeper level, but for this bigger vision. The healing of this beautiful planet we live on. Our mutual Mother.

For years, I have been in a place of hatred towards my own species, but I realised that in hating my own species I also hate myself.

For years, I have been in the rescuer mode, judging other humans, pointing fingers and telling others what not to do.

For years, I have not operated from a place of love.

But the more I get back my abilities to truly hear nature, get the messages from the animals and the trees, to more humble I feel.

Because they don’t hate us. They don’t resent us. No matter what we do, they keep loving us, and want to help us.

They don’t want us to go extinct, they keep sending us ways to help us survive. And we keep fighting. They even sacrifice themselves to help us grow. Because they feel that with every species that goes extinct more awareness will come.

They know that the things we are seeking they already have. Spiritual awakening, living from the heart, living in the now.

The only thing that makes us different from the rest of nature is our ability to think, to create. And they are calling us to use this ability in another way. To connect our minds with our hearts again. To move our centre from our minds, our Chi-point, towards our hearts. This is our true centre. Where we create from a place of love.

This is what I feel when I connect to an animal. For communication or healing. This amazing heart centre. The energy emerging from that.

This is what helped me restore my love for my own species. This creative power. The arts. Music, song, dance. Paintings. Poems, books. Sculptures. This is what we were meant to be doing. Create beauty. Inspired by nature, each other. Life. Not destroy, hate, kill.

And I am so blessed to be able to pass on these messages. To anyone who wants to hear. And in that create a ripple effect that eventually will become an amazing light of healing energy.

If you want to experience this yourself, this amazing energy, you can join my membership group. Just give it a go, and see if you can also feel what I feel, hear what I hear, see what I see. To grow from a place of love, connectedness, oneness.

You can join for just a month, or you can choose a monthly subscription, or if you pay for a half year at once, you get one month for free. It’s only 30 euros per month!

Learn more about the practical part of my membership group on this page.

We start again July 1st, where Mighty Oak will be guiding us.

The nature spirits are so ready to help you on your path and teach you the importance of co-existing and co-creating at the same time.