My biggest mission, vision, dream.


I am an idealist. I admit it. I truly am, and always have been. The people I admire most in life are also idealists. Jane Goodall, Nelson Mandela, David Attenborough, Martin Luther King, even Jesus.

People with big dreams and visions. Not for themselves. Not for their own ego. Their intent probably wasn’t to become famous. But they all had a dream. A bigger vision. A mission. A calling.

They are not the superhero action types. They are not the ones shouting and screaming. Selling you “stuff”. They are the silent warriors, that try to achieve change through being an example themselves, and through creating awareness. And by being a beacon of calm in a sea of chaos.

I am not one to be like anyone else, above all I want to be me. Fully. But… I would love to fall in the category of my heroes. To be that silent warrior. Someone who really creates change. Who is not screaming on stage. But people still know they can turn to.

My goal is not to become famous. Not to be rich. Those all would be side-effects that would aid me in creating that ideal world. But if I can be a part of this shift without being famous or rich, I would be equally as happy.


I have a dream.

A dream of a healthy planet.

A dream of people living in harmony with her and all her residents.

A dream of animals not suffering or going extinct due to the actions of mankind.

A dream of people taking responsibility for their own lives and actions.

A dream of people being able to understand animals and nature, in every possible way.

A dream where people no longer need chemical medicine, but trust on nature to provide.

A dream where people stop trying to control nature and other people, but treat each other with respect and love.

A dream of a world without the dogma’s of religion.

A dream where I am a part of this awakening process.

A dream where I am a teacher and healer through my given talents.

A dream where old systems have been broken down and made space for a more natural way of life.

A dream where this is no longer a dream but reality. Where one day I can truly say:

I HAD a dream.

I am done with people saying to me: get real. This IS my reality. I can’t do it any other way. And I know I am not the only one.

And yes. Imagine is my life song.

Bumblebee, the amazing animal spirit that is guiding us in the Down to Earth Spirituality membership group next month, is also about accomplishing the impossible. To have that supreme confidence and deep belief that you can achieve anything you want. And for me, that is the above. I look forward to learning its lessons on this.

What about your biggest dreams? Do you find them to be impossible?




Speedreadings and Down to Earth membership August


Sometimes you just have to be a little flexible in life and business and juggle around with time.

I have been busy getting our house ready for sale, and then a letter from our tax-authorities came in that needed my attention. Basically, they are thinking of no longer accepting my work as official source of income! Really?

Now, I could have gone and thrown the towel in the ring, but nothing is going to stop me from doing my work and sharing my message. It’s just too important to be stopped by some tax-law.

So, I am busy creating all kinds of beautiful things for you and your animal(s), the planet and the wild animals. And writing my book!

But in the meantime, I have things that are ready to go! Some of them I wanted to bring to your attention.

Last year I started doing speedreadings for charity for instance! They have been so popular that I got every month filled up without having to promote them! They have been going slower lately, so I decided to start promoting them outside the groups that I posted them in.

What are they? They are short readings for your pet, one question or one message, and all profit goes to my chosen charity. The minimum for a reading like this is € 15,00.

I do these every last Tuesday of the month, and the next one is July 25th! I do 10 readings maximum per day and I still have 9 spaces left. Want to know more or claim your spot? You can do that over here.

The other thing that is going well is my Down to Earth Spirituality Membership group. This month we are being guided by Oak, and we’ve already gotten such beautiful messages and readings. I am loving working with a tree for a change!

You can already sign up for next month, where we will be guided by a little superhero of nature, Bumblebee. Seriously, Marvel or DC should make a movie about them.

They are such amazing creatures, they are gentle, strong, and very important for pollination. And you just want to cuddle them! They won’t sting easily, but they can, so maybe make it a gentle hug 😉

But just look at them, that big body in comparison to its wings. How do they do it?

I love Bumblebees. They always make me feel happy.

I already feel that what we will be working with, will be on this amazing confidence Bumblebees have, and that they want us to have that too. To know that we are fully capable to do whatever we set out to do. Things that might seem impossible.

Are you ready for guidance on this by Bumblebee? For just € 30,00 you can. Learn more about this here, where you can also book your month, or membership.

And last but not least, I have started working on my guided meditation journeys, and the first one that is available is my free opt-in for subscribing to my newsletter. I have now made it available for purchase. So you can still get it without having to subscribe to my newsletter.

These kind of meditation journeys are just € 15,00 per piece, and I will be creating more very soon. You can find them on this page.

That is it for now, more coming very soon!

Looking forward to working with you!

Love and light


A passion for nature


Last Friday I did a live stream on my Facebook page about my Down to Earth membership group.

I even had the nerve to watch it back, and you know what? I liked it!

One thing that struck me though was how the moment my passion really was beginning to show I backed down again.

I wondered why is it so hard for me to really talk about the things that are so close to my heart in a passionate way?

I know I can through the written word, but what is holding me back to do the same through the spoken word?

I know it’s me. Only me. I am holding myself back. Because, what if I get all worked up. Start sweating. Maybe even start crying, or get angry, when I share my passion for nature.

Because it is there. The feeling.

And how I wish I could take all of you into my world. Into how I experience nature, animals. How I connect with the earth, the trees, the plants. How I can hear, see, feel them. How the messages keep coming in so deeply lately.

How I can get overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of this planet, of lakes enclosed by beautiful mountains and forests. The vastness of the open seas. The beauty of the birds flying free.

How I love sharing what little facts I know about nature, but even more so the energies. How we are all one. All connected. All dependant on each other.

I wish I could take you on a journey, make you see why a healthy planet is the most important thing to me. And how for me it is so hard to be amongst people that destroy this beauty. This medicine. This well, everything. And for what? Greed?

As I am typing this I see the images of death and destruction passing before my eyes. Vanishing rain forests, cutting down beautiful big trees because they are in our way, killing animals to fulfil our needs in a horrible way. And most of it is because of our need to expand. The more, more, more syndrome. And I cry. My heart cries.

This is WHY I do what I do. Why I started this journey. Why I create what I create. Not just to help you on your path, or helping you and your pet to connect on a deeper level, but for this bigger vision. The healing of this beautiful planet we live on. Our mutual Mother.

For years, I have been in a place of hatred towards my own species, but I realised that in hating my own species I also hate myself.

For years, I have been in the rescuer mode, judging other humans, pointing fingers and telling others what not to do.

For years, I have not operated from a place of love.

But the more I get back my abilities to truly hear nature, get the messages from the animals and the trees, to more humble I feel.

Because they don’t hate us. They don’t resent us. No matter what we do, they keep loving us, and want to help us.

They don’t want us to go extinct, they keep sending us ways to help us survive. And we keep fighting. They even sacrifice themselves to help us grow. Because they feel that with every species that goes extinct more awareness will come.

They know that the things we are seeking they already have. Spiritual awakening, living from the heart, living in the now.

The only thing that makes us different from the rest of nature is our ability to think, to create. And they are calling us to use this ability in another way. To connect our minds with our hearts again. To move our centre from our minds, our Chi-point, towards our hearts. This is our true centre. Where we create from a place of love.

This is what I feel when I connect to an animal. For communication or healing. This amazing heart centre. The energy emerging from that.

This is what helped me restore my love for my own species. This creative power. The arts. Music, song, dance. Paintings. Poems, books. Sculptures. This is what we were meant to be doing. Create beauty. Inspired by nature, each other. Life. Not destroy, hate, kill.

And I am so blessed to be able to pass on these messages. To anyone who wants to hear. And in that create a ripple effect that eventually will become an amazing light of healing energy.

If you want to experience this yourself, this amazing energy, you can join my membership group. Just give it a go, and see if you can also feel what I feel, hear what I hear, see what I see. To grow from a place of love, connectedness, oneness.

You can join for just a month, or you can choose a monthly subscription, or if you pay for a half year at once, you get one month for free. It’s only 30 euros per month!

Learn more about the practical part of my membership group on this page.

We start again July 1st, where Mighty Oak will be guiding us.

The nature spirits are so ready to help you on your path and teach you the importance of co-existing and co-creating at the same time.


Changes to my free Facebook group! Fun!


Hello all!

Just a quick note to tell you about the changes I am making to my free Facebook group to get more interaction and to let you know what I am all about, what kind of tools I work with 🙂

So, together with the animals I tuned in what to do, and I will be working with theme days! And this again is in line with bringing in more structure in my work and life 🙂

Without further ado, here are the themes:

  • Pick a card Monday: Monday’s are for most of us the start of the week, and it’s good to start your week with intention. So asking a question or setting a theme for yourself. Oracle cards are amazing tools to do this with! I will choose the deck each Monday and the way you can pick your card.
  • Pet appreciation Tuesday: All about sharing your beautiful pets, ask questions, share stories and more! A lovely way to show your amazing companions gratitude!
  • Wild encounters Wednesday: What are the nature spirits trying to tell you? What kind of animal, plant, tree, crystal, keeps drawing your attention? Share your experiences and stories. I can help you interpret if you don’t get the message.
  • Signs and Signals Thursday: Not only the natural world is giving us guidance, but what in daily life is asking your attention? Someone saying something to you? A quote randomly appearing on your timeline. That advert on the road you noticed? Anything can help you. Again, share if you are not clear on what it means to you.
  • Fun for the Weekend Friday: Just a lovely day to share things that will send us of into the weekend with a positive feeling. Lovely memes, quotes, clips. Anything that touches your heart in a loving and positive way. Inspire each other!
Every day: you are free to post your offers, challenges, pages and more in there. I believe souls meet up for a reason, online and in real life. We are all looking for our tribe. Because what you have to offer might just be what someone in the group needs! Don’t be shy!

If this speaks to you, come join us! You can find the group over here.

I have also been inspired to create a free challenge for you, but I will not start doing that until my website is in alignment with where I am at on my own path. It will be a challenge for you to practice picking up on the messages, signs and signals that are all around you. Nature, animals, spirit- animals, angels and other guides are all here to help us!

Stay tuned, more is coming very soon!

Love and light,

Down to Earth group July with Mighty Oak


We are still receiving the messages and guidance from Polar Bear, but already the nature spirit for next month has come in.

Polar Bear took us on a deep inward journey, and with the heat it was nice to connect with the coolness of the arctic circle 🙂

Oak, the King of the forest. Well, at least in the West-European forests. There are amazing trees all over the world, but for us over here Oak is the mightiest of the forest. The Grandfather. As the Beech tree is the Grandmother. You actually find them together a lot.

Its wisdom and deep connection to the Earth can help us ground and connecting to trees in general can help bring Heaven on Earth. With their roots going deep into mother earth, connecting with other trees, communicating, the trunks standing tall to hold the crown that breathes for them. In and out.

Solitary Oak

The trees, so connected to us, the standing folk. We basically are also upright, we just walk around. But, when you stand still, and connect, you feel the same connection. Especially if you go barefoot, Earthing this is called. Our strong bodies making the connection and our heads breathing in and out.

We all know what a forest can do for us, although some people prefer the openness of the moors or the beach. But trees can help us. And they do. In so many ways. Connecting to them more consciously can be a great way to help you understand where you are at. They are our kin.

And the Oak is one of the strongest of them all. Some Oaks stand alone, proudly in the fields, some Oaks share the forest with brother and sister Oaks, and other trees, forming a community. This all has meaning. What kind of tree are you attracted too? The solitary ones? Or the community ones?

Feel what Oak has to share with us and you personally for your journey.

Find out more on this page, where you can also register. It’s just € 30,00 per month!

And I will do a livestream on my Facebook page about this membership group on Friday the 23rd, 3 pm CET.

Let’s connect to the infinite wisdom of the mighty Oak.

Love and light,

Diana and Oak.

Bringing in structure in my life and work!


This is me with Luna.

Luna is my wise guide. Whenever I am struggling with something she comes to my aid. In between she is just her wise self, bringing calm and peace, but whenever I need it she is always there. She just pops up by my side. That is what she does. She holds this space for me, but never lets my struggles affect her health, physically or mentally. She is amazing at keeping her boundaries and still do “her thing”.

Right now, I am also learning how to do that!

All part of my masterplan to conquer the world with my bright light! Hahahaha!

No really, it is 😉

I have also decided to bring some more structure in my life and work, this means that I am labelling my days of the week as follows from now on:

Mondays-Tuesdays: for animal communication sessions, pets or wild animals, including tune in sessions, exploratory calls and everything around this.

Wednesdays: I keep for myself, personal development and social gatherings with friends and so on.

Thursdays: All things online, keeping up with Social Media, handling emails, work on website (revamped one coming soon!) and more.

Fridays: Creative days! Writing, books, blogs, e-books, recording meditations and working out other ideas. Whenever I can I will also do a Facebook livestream every Friday about topics that come up during the week.

Every weekday I will spend some time in my free group and every day in my membership group.

The Speedreading for charity days will move from the last Friday of the month to the last Tuesday.

And weekends are for family, pets, housework, garden, and more 🙂

I will always be available for existing clients when it is an emergency, especially in processes around physical illness (first contact your vet or other medical practitioner!) or guidance on the last part of the animals’ life.

And now on to putting this all into practice 🙂

Have a great day,

Diana and her team of animals and nature spirits.



Important Message from Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Yesterday my Down to Earth Membership started again, and Polar Bear gave its amazing message today.

But it asked me to share this message with the world, and not just the membership group. So who am I to decline that request?

You can still join us, the connection I had with Polar Bear when receiving the message was so amazing. So calm, peaceful and clear, but also strong and powerful. Determined. This is the energy we will be working with the coming month. HERE is where you can join, and I will send you the details as soon as possible.

Here is its message:

Dear Humans,

You, who hold so much potential. To grow. To change. To evolve. To open up to love.
Yet, you are not living up to this potential.

Our world is one of peace. Of stillness. Of polarity. Black and White. Dark and Light.
This is where we live. This is our truth.

Our world is changing. Disappearing.
Besides reaching out to you through humans that can hear us, there is not much we can do.
And, if this is to be our end, we accept this.
Our energy, our souls, they will never die. They will simply change form.

But with our dying world, so will your world change.
In ways you might not be able to handle.

Our futures as species are so connected.
Our fading world is an example of what could happen to your world.

Your hearts are so pure when you are born. Your minds so open.
Yet you choose to bring up your children in a way that is not in alignment with their souls. With the soul of your species.

Your soul knows who you are, who you came here to be.
Your being is so much more important than your doing.
Remembering who you are will automatically help you find your truth, and walk your path.

Please stop teaching your children they need to be something else. Be someone else.

Stop filling the holes in your heart and soul that this creates with material wealth, too much food, alcohol, drugs, sex.
Stop putting pressure on your children to fill your unanswered path.

Your children are your future. They are our future.
Change your ways.
Accept them for who they are and help them develop their natural born skills and talents.

Respect everybody’s path. Honour it.
Stop feeding the system of creating low self-worth when you are born as an artist or a healer.
Stop putting only political or business leaders forward as role models.
Stop trying to fill other people’s shoes and paths.

Walk your own. Walk your dream.
Become who you were born to be.
Stop looking for purpose and goals until you can answer the calling of your soul.

Enter our world.
A world of peace, clarity, stillness.
Honour your seasons.
Accept who you are fully.
Accept your path.

Change your school systems.
Change your leadership models.
They are not serving you, humanity, the world, us.

For us it might be too late, time will tell.
But we hope you at least learn from the lessons we offer you.
Then our existence has not been in vain.

Now, go. Connect to your hearts.
Clear out all that is not you. Fill it up with all that is.
And listen.
To your own song.
Walk your own path.
That is the best and only way you will be able to save us and ultimately your own species.

Polar Bear.

Finding your Hearts wisdom with Polar Bear


It’s been a while since I wrote or shared anything. Yes, I know, not good marketing, because that’s all about visibility and consistency.

But… I am also someone who feels called to follow her own flow and rhythm and ever since I set out on this journey of running my own business I have been overwhelmed by all the outer clutter. I no longer knew what my path was, or message.

So, I had to go inwards. Reconnect to my heart and soul. I was getting lost in who I was supposed to be, how I was supposed to present myself, how to speak my ideal clients’ language. I lost me.

I had to stop. Connect to my inner me. Remember why I came here. Why I started this in the first place. Reconnect to my passion, my deeper mission. To be a guardian of the earth, a messenger for the animals and nature.

Working on my book and with a life coach brought me back to my initial passions. But it also did something else that was much needed. It opened my heart. I reconnected my heart and soul to my mind. Accepting me as a whole. Love myself for who I am. A human being, instead of a human doing. To reconnect to other human beings, in a deeper way than I had in a long, long time. From a place of love instead of fear of getting hurt.

What I did notice on finding my own path was a lot of people also searching, running around, on to the next course, learning yet another modality, working with yet another coach or mentor. I know. I did too.

And that has been good, I’ve met amazing people through doing this, and learned a lot from them on a soul and practical level.

It also made me realise what I didn’t want, who I wasn’t and that I was most of all listening to the outside world. Looking for constant confirmation. Not accepting that I seem to function and think a bit different than most people. And that this is a gift instead of a burden.

So, where then would I find my answers? Where they have always been: inside. But how to get to those answers?

We all are a part of this amazing universe, we are all connected. All the wisdom you need is right there. And therefore, in you. Only you know who you really are and what your purpose is in life.

The trick however in reconnecting to this is to drop everything, go into your own stillness and listen.

Your soul has drawn up a universal contract when you decided to come back on earth. In that contract you wrote what you want to learn in this life and how you want to be of service to the world. So, it all is there. You just misplaced the contract.

The best way for me to get back to that inner knowing was to go into silence, to connect to animals and nature. It got me into a tranquil state from where I could hear my soul speak again.

Additionally, I used tools like music, meditation, yoga, natural remedies, healthy foods. They all helped to clear my system and open up my channels again.

Now, is this your way? I will be very honest. I don’t know. But if you are here, reading this, it might very well be.

And I would love to help you do this. I know the animals and nature spirits also want this. They see us. They feel us. Because we are one. They are constantly trying to help us, send us messages, but we are often too busy to see and hear them. They are worried for us, and our development as species. They love us.

I can hear them. I see what they are trying to tell and teach us. One of my many gifts is to transfer and translate those messages and signals to you. One of my other gifts is to create a safe environment, hold space for you to go on this inner journey.

The Down To Earth Spirituality membership group is something I was guided to create a few months ago. This is one of those safe places to journey. Each month an animal or other nature spirit will guide us with its insights and wisdom. This June Polar Bear wants to guide us.

Imagine living in a world that’s all white, cold, and silent. Where in the winter there is no light and in the summer no dark. What an amazing world to stop and find your inner stillness.

Polar Bear has visited me before, delivering deep and profound messages. This is a species that is struggling to survive, partly because of our way of living. If they can help us wake up it also helps them survive. Our destinations are very much intertwined.

I have never seen a Polar Bear in the wild, but I have seen them in the Zoo, and they are aware, they are connected to their relatives in the wild. They know.

They have a deep wisdom that comes from the Heart. And they want to help you to also find that Hearts wisdom.

Polar Bear, card from the Native Spirit Oracle Card set by Denise Linn.

If this speaks to you, learn more about how you can participate on this page.

Polar Bear and I look forward to taking you into the stillness, to find your own answers.



Diana Healing

As I have mentioned before I started working with a life coach recently to get me on a deeper level on some aspects in my life.

He is interesting, goes straight to the point, or pain points really and gets me thinking. Feeling. About what is going on deeper within.

Not so long ago he asked me to invite people to go with me into nature, on walks or hikes. And I hesitated, felt resistance on that. I know now part of that is because of my bond with nature, and somehow I want to keep that to myself, unless I consciously take someone to also experience that deeper sense of stillness and tranquillity that holds all the answers.

But, he didn’t stop there. He totally got why I felt resistance and that nature was my holy space. But still, the resistance on asking people to do things with/for me. I posted in my free group about how I can’t get through all the things that need to be done on my own, and someone replied, well, time to do a declutter party. Invite friends and make lunch. Ask for help.

Wham. Shut down. Nope. Not going to happen. I will see how I do it all, but I am not going to do this.

It was like a door slammed in my face. The reality was staring me in the face. I don’t want to ask for help. Fear of rejection. People are busy. They don’t want to do it for me. I don’t want to be a burden. God, I look like my mum! My inner critic was having a party.

And on top of that, my life coach replied: take a look at your relationships, how can you move them from being transactional to more intimate.

Again. Bam. Shut down. I even felt anger. Who says my relationships aren’t intimate! How dare he say that!

After this anger settled down, I did begin to chew on what happened. How I got challenged on looking at my relationships.

Did I ever have intimate relationships? Really?

And what do I feel from the word intimacy? I immediately associated it with a physical relationship. But I understand intimate in this case was more about being open and vulnerable about my deepest feelings.

Looking back at my life, my family, everything, I can safely say that I have had very few intimate relationships.

You see, I am very open through the written word, but I am not so open if you talk to me. I have noticed a shift the last decade or so, and have gotten into more intimate relationships than ever before in my life. But not many and not as deep as I would love to go.

I didn’t have many good examples as a child and teenager, and I also liked being on my own very much. I never needed many people around me. In fact, when things got tough, I “ran” away. I turned to nature, animals. Took my bike for a ride. Went on a hike. Got lost in books and music. These were my intimate relationships.

And to a certain extent they still are. I get the most deep answers from myself, when I retreat and contact nature, the animals. Meditate. That will never change.

But then comes the next part. Sharing this with other human beings. That is something I don’t do easily.

Of course there is a lot of fear involved in this, rejection, judgement, losing the other person when it goes to deep.

And then there is the part of the relationship with myself. How vulnerable and open am I towards myself? What if I let myself down? What if I discover I don’t really like myself, my dark side?

The thing is, I have no problem opening up to animals. Or being vulnerable with them nearby. When I watch or read something that touches my soul, I cry without hesitation when I am alone, or laugh out loud, or sing out loud. But, when my husband is near, or any other human really, I hold back. Afraid of being judged.

So… Back to the question from my life coach. How can you transform your relationships from being transactional to more intimate?

It’s all about daring to be vulnerable. To have the courage to speak up, not matter what. If the other person in the relationship really loves and respects me, they will totally get it. And if they don’t, then it’s maybe even better to say goodbye. Then maybe the relationship was more one-sided anyway.

I do however believe there is always a transactional part in any relationship. I don’t think people really can be together without any expectations, if it was only for the good feeling you get from being together. And that is totally okay. We are social beings so it seems 🙂

I will tell you, it scares the hell out of me to open up and be vulnerable. To discover what is there, or maybe even worse, what is not there……. But I am willing to give it a go…..

Love and light





Not so long ago I wrote about going back to the drawing board.

After that I had my first session with my life coach, Evan. I got in touch with him because I needed someone from the “outside”, someone who didn’t know me, or my history or what I did. We had a great talk and got some practical tips that I started implementing.

A lot of this was repeating things I had done before. Like meditating, writing down what my inner demons aka inner critics were saying to me, and connecting with people in real life.

But this time there was really something happening, shifting. Maybe because of all the inner work I had been doing up till now, that this happened so fast. This rate of growth was something I had not experienced before.

I also started getting clarity on WHO I am. And why I do what I do. Or think I had to do.

Of course, writing my book also started a series of epiphanies and realisations, but somehow it felt like the shifts were now really touching ground. I could FEEL the things changing. Not just in my head, but in my whole system. I learned about the lack of self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth and more. Basically, I have been doing things for or because of others. I had been playing nice for a long time, to avoid confrontations and conflicts, and stopped being kind to myself.

After this started to settle in and I started to make changes in this, I started looking at what I really love doing, what is effortless and what I always make time for, no matter what. The answer came: connecting to the animals and writing!

So, I decided. For the first time in my life I made a deep internal decision. Not based on what others thought I was good at, or tests showed. Not based on running away from my true self but really stepping into ME, my own skin. No asking for advice or confirmation from others. This time I didn’t feel the need to.

My biggest dreams started surfacing again. Writing, traveling, learning about animals, meeting new people, learning about other cultures. Basically: living the life of my dreams. And getting inspiration for writing with this.

And when I admitted this to myself, this deep Soul purpose? My whole system exhaled. Deeply and fully. My body relaxed. I felt a heaviness lifted off my shoulders. It felt like floating and being more grounded than ever at the same time for the first time in my life. This is what it is like bringing heaven on earth. This is what it has always been about. This journey so far. The lessons. The educating, workshops, mentoring. The teachings. The people I met. To come to this tipping point.

So, in fact, the next leg of my journey has just started. But this inner calm, this feeling of deep trust that everything will work out just fine. It is hard to explain this feeling in words. But I know those of you who have been there know this feeling, and if you haven’t, maybe you will.

What does this mean in a practical sense?

Well, that I will be focussing on writing! First up is finishing the book that has started this process: Around my world with 80 Spirit Animals. Basically it is the story of my life so far, divided in three sections, and infused with messages of 80 animals. Who I was before life began, the dark ages, and returning to the light! This book needs to be born first, and will be born! This year, or maybe the beginning of next year. I am part of a group of amazing authors in That Guy’s House, an exciting journey that is setting a new tone in the publishing world! I love being a part of this!

And as soon as I made the decision, a whole lot of books surfaced! Ideas, titles, animals giving me subjects for books. It was like opening up a vault filled with precious gems!

But, what about the animal communication? Well, that got me a bit confused at first. Because I know I am an animal messenger, and they already stated they wanted me to continue doing it.

Just not in the way I did up till now. Well, not entirely, because with some people I already worked in the way it is going to be from now on: the messages from pets and wild animals as they see it. What they have to tell you, why they are in your life of show up in another way. Simplified. No more playing the therapist. Because I am not. I am a messenger. And if your pet wants to have additional help I can show you the way, connect you to others. But always from the pets wishes. Same goes for guiding you on your journey. I am not a therapist, coach or mentor, but I know a lot of awesome women and men that are very good at this. What I AM good at is making connections. When I work with a pet or a wild animal other people pop up and I am so sure that this is part of their message to you!

And this work will be a big part of my inspiration for books on Animal messages!

Music will be another way of bringing the messages from the animals. Through my harp. With intuitive music I make while tuning into animals. By hearing what I get internally into real music. That is something new for me, so this will take practice and lots of trust that this will work out! I already purchased a recording device to allow me to record demo-quality music.

What else to expect? Meditations, Oracle Cards, maybe some creative projects together with others. I feel like a whole world is opening up for me, with infinite possibilities, as long as I stay true to myself and flexible in what I create. That what I create feels joyful, playful, effortless. And diverse! I love so many things, but they need to be animal or nature related and make use of my role as messenger.

I need to make a lot of adjustments on my offerings, my website, my social media. This will be done in the coming weeks.

But…. I feel happy, and a sense of self-confidence I have never experienced before.

I can totally imagine that you didn’t sign up for this when you started following me. And I get that this might be the end of the line for us, and that is totally ok. Or…. you might be on this path with me for a reason, and want to hang on to see if this brings you what you were looking for all along!

So, if you stay with me, loads of new things are coming. And if not I thank you from the bottom of my heart and set you free to explore other options.

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Love, love, love and more love