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Not so long ago I wrote about going back to the drawing board.

After that I had my first session with my life coach, Evan. I got in touch with him because I needed someone from the “outside”, someone who didn’t know me, or my history or what I did. We had a great talk and got some practical tips that I started implementing.

A lot of this was repeating things I had done before. Like meditating, writing down what my inner demons aka inner critics were saying to me, and connecting with people in real life.

But this time there was really something happening, shifting. Maybe because of all the inner work I had been doing up till now, that this happened so fast. This rate of growth was something I had not experienced before.

I also started getting clarity on WHO I am. And why I do what I do. Or think I had to do.

Of course, writing my book also started a series of epiphanies and realisations, but somehow it felt like the shifts were now really touching ground. I could FEEL the things changing. Not just in my head, but in my whole system. I learned about the lack of self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth and more. Basically, I have been doing things for or because of others. I had been playing nice for a long time, to avoid confrontations and conflicts, and stopped being kind to myself.

After this started to settle in and I started to make changes in this, I started looking at what I really love doing, what is effortless and what I always make time for, no matter what. The answer came: connecting to the animals and writing!

So, I decided. For the first time in my life I made a deep internal decision. Not based on what others thought I was good at, or tests showed. Not based on running away from my true self but really stepping into ME, my own skin. No asking for advice or confirmation from others. This time I didn’t feel the need to.

My biggest dreams started surfacing again. Writing, traveling, learning about animals, meeting new people, learning about other cultures. Basically: living the life of my dreams. And getting inspiration for writing with this.

And when I admitted this to myself, this deep Soul purpose? My whole system exhaled. Deeply and fully. My body relaxed. I felt a heaviness lifted off my shoulders. It felt like floating and being more grounded than ever at the same time for the first time in my life. This is what it is like bringing heaven on earth. This is what it has always been about. This journey so far. The lessons. The educating, workshops, mentoring. The teachings. The people I met. To come to this tipping point.

So, in fact, the next leg of my journey has just started. But this inner calm, this feeling of deep trust that everything will work out just fine. It is hard to explain this feeling in words. But I know those of you who have been there know this feeling, and if you haven’t, maybe you will.

What does this mean in a practical sense?

Well, that I will be focussing on writing! First up is finishing the book that has started this process: Around my world with 80 Spirit Animals. Basically it is the story of my life so far, divided in three sections, and infused with messages of 80 animals. Who I was before life began, the dark ages, and returning to the light! This book needs to be born first, and will be born! This year, or maybe the beginning of next year. I am part of a group of amazing authors in That Guy’s House, an exciting journey that is setting a new tone in the publishing world! I love being a part of this!

And as soon as I made the decision, a whole lot of books surfaced! Ideas, titles, animals giving me subjects for books. It was like opening up a vault filled with precious gems!

But, what about the animal communication? Well, that got me a bit confused at first. Because I know I am an animal messenger, and they already stated they wanted me to continue doing it.

Just not in the way I did up till now. Well, not entirely, because with some people I already worked in the way it is going to be from now on: the messages from pets and wild animals as they see it. What they have to tell you, why they are in your life of show up in another way. Simplified. No more playing the therapist. Because I am not. I am a messenger. And if your pet wants to have additional help I can show you the way, connect you to others. But always from the pets wishes. Same goes for guiding you on your journey. I am not a therapist, coach or mentor, but I know a lot of awesome women and men that are very good at this. What I AM good at is making connections. When I work with a pet or a wild animal other people pop up and I am so sure that this is part of their message to you!

And this work will be a big part of my inspiration for books on Animal messages!

Music will be another way of bringing the messages from the animals. Through my harp. With intuitive music I make while tuning into animals. By hearing what I get internally into real music. That is something new for me, so this will take practice and lots of trust that this will work out! I already purchased a recording device to allow me to record demo-quality music.

What else to expect? Meditations, Oracle Cards, maybe some creative projects together with others. I feel like a whole world is opening up for me, with infinite possibilities, as long as I stay true to myself and flexible in what I create. That what I create feels joyful, playful, effortless. And diverse! I love so many things, but they need to be animal or nature related and make use of my role as messenger.

I need to make a lot of adjustments on my offerings, my website, my social media. This will be done in the coming weeks.

But…. I feel happy, and a sense of self-confidence I have never experienced before.

I can totally imagine that you didn’t sign up for this when you started following me. And I get that this might be the end of the line for us, and that is totally ok. Or…. you might be on this path with me for a reason, and want to hang on to see if this brings you what you were looking for all along!

So, if you stay with me, loads of new things are coming. And if not I thank you from the bottom of my heart and set you free to explore other options.

If you want to follow me on this path in other ways:

You can join my free Facebook group here.

Or you can sign up for my newsletter and receive a free meditation (flight of the eagle) here.

Love, love, love and more love


Back to the drawing board


As some of you might know by now I have signed a book deal with That Guy’s House, and working on this book is bringing up a lot. And I mean A LOT.

The working title of my book was Around the World with 80 spirit animals. Initially about a girl who travelled the world and met 80 animals on her journey that gave messages for humanity.

Along the way, it became apparent that this book would be my own story. Around MY world with 80 spirit animals.

And yes, my life’s journey so far has been just that. A journey. From a happy child, that encountered life along the way, building up huge walls and taking years to break them down again. And I feel that only now I am starting to get to the core of my being. The final layers being peeled off.

In my book my connection to animals and nature, the lessons I got from them, have to be a part of the story. Because they were my anchor, my life saver, when humans, including myself, couldn’t help me.

As preparation I have been diving into my past, into my memories. And, as I kept them all these years, reading my old journals and diaries.

Realisations and epiphanies. I remember drawing this card for myself at the beginning of 2017. I thought I had learned enough already, but reading all of this back, and how memories are strange things, more and more opened up.

I came to the conclusion that I never really loved myself, from a certain age forward. That I even hated myself. I never felt enough. I never felt loved, or understood. And I blamed the people around me for that. I mostly was looking for all of this outside myself.

So it was time to forgive myself and start loving myself. Taking care of myself. I realised that because of my attitude towards myself I didn’t give others the opportunity to really love me. Because how could I be loved if I didn’t even love myself?

Boys and men were a way out, running away from myself. They would give me a good life, and happiness. It was their duty to do so. But no man could ever fill that giant whole inside of my heart. Ever.

I turned to the animals, and they did love me unconditionally, and I them. We were drawn to each other, always has been that way. But the horses, they were brutally honest and showed me I wasn’t the real me at all. I was trying to live up to other people’s expectations, fit in society. Always claiming I was different and real. I truly did believe that. I had been saying that to myself for so long, that I had begun to identify with it.

And the memories. How my mind had been playing tricks on me. There it was, written down. So different than what I always told others, and myself!

No journaling during the most intense periods in my life, again because of my inability to really feel. By writing it down, it would become real. Because the written word had always been so important to me. Much more so than the spoken word. Fighting the water this part of the book will be called. Living in a country that is known for fighting the water. There is a reason you are born in a certain place….

So, here I was, totally naked. Stripped of all that I thought I was. Who am I? I had started to identify myself with my parts in life. Not with my core. What I did, for others, for the animals, for the planet, that was what mattered. I wasn’t important in that. I was a vessel. Just helping out. Being a wife, a sister, a daughter, guide for my pets.

My work, wow, my work. Why did I do that? I always wanted to do something with animals. That was very apparent. And also came through in several readings I had with gifted people.

But the way I did, it didn’t bring me joy. Every step I took on that path, every time I thought, yes, this is it! This will bring me happiness, and I can be of best service. This is my task in life!

Time and time again, when I put out a creation, or an offer… I didn’t really feel it. I was enthusiastic, because people around me were. This was really my thing according to them. And I went along. It must be I thought. I put on a big smile and put the offers out there, and consults. But deep down? I didn’t feel it. It didn’t work for me!

Sure, I have a special connection to animals, nature, the universe even, but….. The way to express this, the forms I tried out, they just didn’t do it for me.

What was I trying to do? Where was I in all of this?

So back to the drawing board it is. Taking everything I do and feeling into it. Is this right? How does it feel? Do I really want this? Who am I doing this for? Why?

Overthinking? Maybe. But I feel more and more that in everything I put out there, my soul has to be present. My heart. My passion. When I talk about animals to people, and how I see the lessons in nature, that’s when I feel alive. Being in nature. Being in stillness. The sounds of silence.

That is when my soul sings. That is when I am able to create poetry, music, books and more.

Not by trying to be a therapist, or a coach, or a mentor. Not by trying to tell people what to do, or give them a 6 step plan or program. This is not how I work, so who am I to tell others to do that. That is the part for others, it is their passion, and I believe them.

I am a messenger, an inspirator, an awakener. This is what I came here to do, nothing more, nothing less. I am enough. I am love. That’s all I need to be. For myself most of all. And that will make waves. That will create a resonance that brings change. That will open up possibilities. And connections on a deeper level.

Am I there? No, not yet, but I do feel I am really on to something now. There is a place deep down in my heart and soul that knows. That is only whispering at the moment, but will become louder with every step I take forward.

Writing this book, I am really doing it for myself most of all. I have never before started a deeper healing process. Even if I don’t sell one copy, seeing it out there, with my name on it. I can then finally close that chapter and truly be me, all of me.

I am getting some help now, from my mentor at That Guy’s House, and loving friends who “get” where I am at. And of course from my animal and nature guides. Who are always there for me, even when I am not there for myself. I also am going to work with a life coach to develop the more masculine part of my being, because I have neglected that part a bit, or looked for this outside of myself.

It is an interesting journey indeed, and I know the people that get it will keep on following and supporting me, and the rest will get off at the next station. And that is totally fine. I am finally able to let go of that fear and not feeling guilty about that.

As always,

Love and light,


Happy New Year!


What? The year is already well under way? Why now a new years wish?

Well, it feels like it just started for me this week! Really! So it is most of all a new years wish to myself 🙂

After finishing up 2016, including the Mastermind I did on visibility, I stopped being visible!

Why? Because I had a bit of a rough start this month, energy wise, and had to rethink everything I do. Most of all my motivation behind it all.

Is what I do truly from a place of higher purpose? Or am I just trying out different ways to make some money? Where is the joy?

Am I really an animal communicator? Why do I feel so much resistance on people contacting me for a session? What am I afraid of? Why do I procrastinate on working out the reports? Contacting possible clients? Giving tips in groups? Why am I not showing up on social media? With offers? Challenges? Webinars? Why am I using lack of time as an excuse? Or my problems in understanding tech? In other words, I kind of lost touch of what my soul wanted! Where was the joy!

The fear had set in again. Am I good enough? Do I deliver what I promise? What if I can’t help? Is it my place to help? Shouldn’t I get more degrees? Do more education? More this, more that, more more more… aaaaahhhh!!!

I was driving myself nuts!!!! Part of this came from feeling like a failure towards my own pets. With the fire works, flee allergies, and all kinds of other stuff coming up. I was feeling like a fraud!

The work with the wild animals and nature, come on, I live in between highways, never silence around, no forests, not a lot of animals. Who am I to teach about this?

Add to that some experiences I again had with sessions with pets I really didn’t like. Not the contact with the pets, but the interactions with the owners.

So, because of an unexpected tax return (thank you Universe!), I allowed myself to retreat, regroup, rethink. Is this really my path? My purpose?

I read a lot, talked to some people, and felt lost and confused. My sense of purpose shattered, because I realised that what I was trying to do didn’t work. People didn’t understand me! I didn’t even understand myself!

But why didn’t it work? Because of the way I communicate. Because of what I say on my website. Or in any of my work. I am not here to give you the solution to your problems. I am a messenger. An advocate for nature. A peaceful warrior. I am a wandering storyteller, inspiring most of all through the written word. I inspire, touch lives, reconnect, and that is where my involvement stops.

I am not here to give you a 10 step solution. I am not here to solve your problems through waving my magic wand or administering some kind of wonderpill to your pet.

I let you know what your pet has to say. I let you know what medicine that wild animal is here to give you. And then… it is up to you….

I am not a coach, or a therapist, I never wanted to be those. I can only give you some insight, give you a sense of direction, tell you about my path, and direct you to some amazing souls I know will be able to help you even more on your path. Or you and your pet’s path.

And I read a few interesting articles that also got me thinking. About what I want or don’t want to do. Like this one. And just today about the fact that contacting an animal communicator who isn’t properly educated or in a good place can actually be harmful.

I don’t want to be associated with animal whisperers, or any other kind of person that mainly works from a place of… of what actually? Ego? Self-glorification? I don’t know.

But…. there is also the responsibility of people themselves….. Stop the blame/victim game….. If an animal whisperer who grew up with “his” lions is hugging them, that is at his own risk, and it never says anywhere you should go take a selfie with a wild lion. If an animal trainer tells me to kick my dog to make it listen, I would really think twice about the integrity of that trainer. If an animal communicator tells me to stop feeding my pet because it said so, I would really scratch behind my ear and get a second opinion.

And that is why I regrouped and rewrote the statement on my website:

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I don’t just see an animal. I see a soul, a unique being with unique talents and qualities, and therefore unique desires and wishes.

If you want to know what is going on with your pet or what that animal that is showing up for you everywhere has to say to you, I can help you. 

Who am I? I am a messenger for the animals and an advocate for nature. I can read what is going on, how you can connect and be of help to each other.

Who are you? You are a heart centred human being who is willing to go deep. You are the one that always considered yourself different, weird, the misfit. Talking to animals and trees. You think out of the box. You are willing to accept and respect that every animal, including your pet, has its own path in life. That you are here to teach and help each other.

You are not afraid to go beyond the regular paths, to find new ways, and explore more possibilities. You are willing to change to make life better for you and your pet, and find guidance on your own path through connecting to the wild animals and nature.”

On the business side of being self employed I also started to wonder. I have learned a lot last year, on what works for me, and what doesn’t.

But I also discovered I still was trying to follow the paved road, other peoples ways. And I should know myself enough by now that it doesn’t work for me that way. I always followed my own path. My own way. Make my own mistakes and missteps. That is how I grow.

What is a good business, what is succes, how is succes measured? Most of the times by numbers, quantity instead of quality. And I want to deliver quality. Not quantity. I don’t want to earn millions, that was never my goal. Really, I would love to be able to do certain things, but that doesn’t require those big numbers. Was I not dreaming big enough then? Did I have a self-worth issue? Yes, sure, that was part of it.

But when I look at myself: I would rather pay more and have quality, then less and be disappointed….. I pay a lot for healthy and honest food, for myself, for my pets, and I do believe in the end that delivers. Keeps us in better health and maybe even prevent certain diseases and the costs that go with that. For me it is an investment for the long term rather than a quick filling of my stomach.

And oh yes, let’s not forget about the joy part! What is joy? For me that is when I feel my soul being alive. When talking to animals, doing yoga, meditating, walking up that hill, hugging a tree (with permission of course), touching Mother Earth, gazing at the Moon and the Stars, listening to and playing music, dancing, being with nice like minded people. In nature… In stillness. When I have deep, touching conversations with people who also want to know more, feel more.

There are some parts of being self employed that just need to be done, but the core of my work is meant to feel joyful. It is in tune with my heart and soul, resonates with my purpose and it doesn’t feel like work. It flows. It’s ease.

The bookdeal I got at the end of last year, that is ease. The first talk I had with the Publisher, that is ease. Creativity flowing. Wanting to create space and time to start writing. Get my story out there combined with the messages of the animals and nature.

Ease is how I contact the animals, write my blogs and group posts, be in tune with the wild animals, nature. That feeling. Like a gentle summer breeze touching my soul. Warming my cells and just knowing that I am doing my souls work. When synchronicity starts to set in.

This is it. My new year. My new path. Me stepping into my true purpose, my own unique role. Nothing more, nothing less. Pure, raw and naked.

So, if after reading all this, you are interested in what I have to offer, how my work can be of guidance to you and/or your pet, please feel free to take a look around on my website. I am in the process of adjusting the content, but the consults will roughly stay the same.

And I invite you to contact me so we can talk in person, rather than only through messages on facebook and email, to see if we are a match 🙂

Love and light,

Newborn Diana

Reflections and revelations


This is, as they say, a time of reflection, going within. Normally I don’t really do end of year and new beginning things, as I am more of a season/natural cycle type, but it is good to look back every now and then. If only to see how far I’ve come and what revelations I had!

2016, The year of:

No Limits, Wild Earth Animal Essences seminar, going global, Visibility Academy and Fearless and Live Mastermind, Visibility and Possibilities, joining Project Positive Change, getting into contact with other amazing international Animal Communicators and hHalers. Just a few things I experienced on my heart-centred business adventure.

Some facts:

Talked to 163 pets (so far): 105 dogs, 38 cats, 6 horses, 2 pigs, 1 sugarglider, 8 rabbits and 3 parrots.

Guided 12 pets on the last phase of their lives and talked to 11 pets that already had passed.

Assisted on 5 missing pets (and realised that is really not my talent).

A lot of owners now understand their pets better and with that have a deeper connection with them. And that is also a good thing for the pets 🙂

Free tips and advice has been given on all kinds of pet-related topics. Or encounters with wild animals. Just to be of service 🙂

In total I have raised € 1.500,00 for charity, a big part through speedreadings. I loved doing them and will continue doing them in 2017 as long as there is a demand.

My free group on Facebook is very active, I love spending time in there, share insights and daily energy posts. Well, almost every day 🙂

New products were created, old products revised, and started to explore spreading the messages from the wild animals.

6 Call of the Wild sessions helping people with the messages from animals.

3 months of guiding my Down to Earth Membership group, where we work on a deeper level with an animal each month. Wolf, Humpback Whale and Hummingbird were our amazing mentors these months.

Guided a live meditation journey in Bruges on finding your spirit- or totemanimal and did 2 live online meditation journeys on finding your year animal for 2017.

Started to create more meditation journeys. One of them, Flight of the Eagle, is now the freebie for list subscribers (finally!).

Have done in person workshops in the beginning of the year, they will return in 2017, just no longer from my home. Because I do love in person events, just had to find ways to not do them from my personal space anymore 🙂

Stepped out of my comfortzone and into a new level of visibility, even made videos and did an occasional live stream.

Had amazing insights, gone deep and transformed a lot of limiting beliefs, or at least determined what they are and where they come from so I can work on them.

Started to tap into my deepest dreams, my deeper visions, and no longer afraid of sharing those.

Started to write my own book, a childhood dream, and that got topped by getting a publishing deal with That Guy’s House! So 2017 has at least one goal 🙂

Have learned a lot about doing business, and also on how I don’t want to do it. Finding my own path in this was and is one of my biggest challenges. Daring to “do it different”, be a pioneer.

Have made mistakes, wrong investments, doubted myself numerous times, put in a lot of hours. I have welcomed these as ways to grow, to learn, to understand. I will not close off 2016 with a profit in the monitary sense of the word, but certainly have become very rich in every other way.

I have grown so much and started to integrate this growth into my body, as that was being left behind a bit :-). Self-care is going to be an important part of 2017 🙂 And playing the harp is going to help me in that process, my way of going into the silence, my silence.

I am very much looking forward to 2017 and working towards realising my dreams. To meet some of the people I now only know online in real life. To create new amazing things and memories.

In 2017 some things will change in a practical sense. My prices will be raised and I will take on less animal talk consults with pets. But only to create enough quality time for the ones I do take on and to also be there for them if they need me afterwards. Quality is more important to me than quantity.

I will continue to expand my work with the wild animals, because I am really enjoying that very much.

One of my biggest lessons: yes, be of service but not everything has to be for free. Although I love working with animals I am not a therapist; I am a messenger, a translator. I do have a degree in naturopathy for animals, but I use that knowledge as an extra source of information “on the side”. But in the end the responsibility for the lives of pets, and the messages they have for their humans, lies with the owners.

Another big lesson: to have joy in my work, to connect to my own soul everytime I do something, create something, connect to someone. Does this feel light? Joyful? Do I feel the connection? Yes? Than I am good to go. If it feels hard or like a struggle, then I walk away. I am letting go of taking on everything and everyone to make my business grow. I am trusting more and more on my intuition. My business is me 🙂 Organic growth is more sustainable anyway 😉

On a more personal level, not much has changed, at least not in family or physical health. All the changes in me and my business of course had an effect on everything and everyone around me, and some were challenging. But luckily I had a pretty “quiet” year on that front for once 🙂

There is one thing that came up, a deep need to move to a place where nature is more close by. To be inspired by that in real life. My biggest wish in that is moving abroad, so who knows what the future will bring. Keeping all options open.

My faith in humanity has partly been restored, having met so many beautiful people, from all over the world, online and in real life. There are more people who care deeply about the animals and nature, sometimes I felt very alone on that. But no more 🙂 I feel some everlasting bonds have started.

So here’s to all the people and animals that supported me, old and new, who believed in me, saw something in me when I didn’t. Family, friends, clients, mentors, teachers. Spirit guides, Mother Earth, Great Spirit.

2016 really was a turning point for me. At the beginning of the year I was so unsure of my path, but still, every sign said to hang on. Growth and expansion were on it’s way. And that happened! Although for my feeling my year began in March 😉

And no matter what, 2017 is very welcome with all its discoveries and challenges. Here I am 🙂

I wish you all loving holidays and an outstanding 2017, where I hope to be a part of, in one way or another.

And please, think of the animals, give thanks and respect when you are having your christmas dinner. And for the sake of dogs, cats, horses, birds and other wildlife, don’t do fireworks. Just pop a bottle of champaign and play nice music to welcome in the new year 🙂 Everybody happy 🙂

Love and light,

Diana, Animal Communicator and Healer, Writer, Awakener, Inspirator.

Do you feel your animal angel near?

Diana Elvis

I remember it well. December 12th 2012. The day we had to say goodbye to our little friend Elvis. Small but with the courage and heart of a lion.

He is the dog I always talk about as “the dog that saved me”. He was my teacher, my friend, my love. And even in his last phase, he gave me such valuable lessons.

In times like this we remember our loved ones. There is a buzz in the air. People celebrating. Family holidays. Christmas. New Year. There’s a need to be together. We are closing up 2016 and preparing for 2017, either through rituals or just by celebrating.

But this time also brings back memories. Of loved ones that are no longer with us. Good memories, loving memories, sad memories. Of people, but also of our furry and feathery companions.

And you know what? They feel that you miss them. They come back in angel form to spend some time with you. So you suddenly “see” them, hear them, smell them.

And although it on the one hand saddens you they are no longer here, it also comforts you. It’s like they are telling you, it’s ok, I’m ok. I love you.

And that is probably exactly what they are telling you. Maybe you have bad feelings about their passing. Maybe you still have guilt left, or doubt. Did I do enough, did my beloved pet suffer, what happened, why did it have to go.

You would love some closure, just this one time being able to speak to them again, touch them one more time.

What if I tell you that is possible? Through me. I am able to contact pets that have passed, I can ask them how they experienced the whole process, and if they have a last message for you.

I have been there myself. Several times. And I am so glad I am able to connect to all of the companions that are no longer with us in this way.

I know this can be very emotional, but getting the message from your animal angel can bring so much peace and closure. And then there is room for all the happy memories you have built together.

There will be laughter again and maybe even an opening for a new furry companion, without feeling guilty over that. No replacing your old friend.

Would you like that?

I have the Messages from Beyond offer for that. It’s a low priced animal communication consult, and you can ask as many questions as you want.
I get into contact with your pet, ask the questions and also see if there is anything else it wants to share. I send you a lovely report of that.

It’s like receiving a love letter from heaven.

You can also gift this to a friend or family member you know is still grieving over the loss of a pet.

I really love talking to animals that have passed on, the energy is so light and full of love. They have so much to share. They want you to be happy, to enjoy life again. They want you to move on.

And be there for you when you need them in animal angel form.

You can read more and book your session over here. Or if you have any questions book a free 30 minute skype or zoom session with me first.

Love and light,

Diana and the animal angels

Does your pet need to meditate?

Cartoon hond

I have been on some souldiving journeys lately, really getting to my core and what it is I want, and choose, to bring into this world. How to be of service.

You see, I have been stuck a bit. I was really into the must do this, should do it like that mode. Besides the talking to the animals itself, I didn’t feel much joy anymore in my work, my relationships, my whole life actually.

And I could have done many things, just give up, go back to working for a boss, run away, hide.

But I didn’t. Luckily I have some people around me that remind me of things that are important. That matter. Even though I can be a bit of a slow learner when it comes to the things of the soul.

It also made me realise I was doing more on the outer things than working on my inner world.

I had started to read a book, That Guy Who Loves The Universe, but put it on hold again. Because, well, so many things to do, I felt guilty about reading a book!

But I picked it up again and so much recognising going on. Not on the whole story perse, but the mental journey. Yes….

One thing he talks about in his book, and a lot of people around me, is the practice of daily mediations.

I did that. I started those when I went on my own journey. Every day. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes a few minutes. I found other ways to practice meditations. In daily life. Just getting back inside and clearing all the outer noise, a mental decluttering.

At one point I felt so good about myself, I stopped doing the daily meditations. I thought I didn’t need them anymore. And at one point I stopped meditating almost completely….

And the noise, the outer world, has since been clouding my judgement. Filling me up with things that are not a part of me. Of my core.

So what I did? I started meditating again. And that is the beauty of it, my whole system was like yes!! Why did you stop doing this! I felt joy, bliss, and very very naked! I asked myself some serious questions. Getting real with myself. What is really important to me?

I also thought about this towards the animal world. How do they cope? I have never seen an animal intentionally meditate. But they don’t have to. It is like their first nature. They don’t have to get rid of all the mindclutter, because it doesn’t get to them. It’s like this natural state, we also have as a baby or a young child. We all meditated back then, just not very conscious.

Lying in the grass? Looking at the clouds go by? Seeing shapes and really enjoying that? What about play, dance, creativity. All things that are meditative.

All the outer clutter is what is causing us to experience stress, and stress is very harmful for us. At least, in the way we experience it. Excitement and a little nervous about new things are “positive” forms of stress, but the outer noise, and not doing what you really want to do is a big contributor to experiencing “negative” stress.

Do wild animals experience stress? Yes they do, but they especially are masters at coping with stress. Imagine if an antelope would be affected by stress as we would. Her life is in constant “danger”. But after an attack by a predator they just go on. They return back to every day life, grazing. Yes, sometimes they grieve the loss of a child, but they go on.

The hunted are actually even better at dealing with stress then the hunters, but even they are masters at relaxing. They have to. Digesting meat is a pretty heavy process, and the energy it takes to hunt is immense.

Now, how about our pets. Do they experience stress and the consequences that come with it?

Yes. They do. For multiple reasons. For not having a task. Not being able to interact with their own species. Social animals being kept alone, solitary animals kept in a group. Not going out when they want to. Only being able to do certain things at set times (mmmm I see a link with our elderly citizens in “care” homes). Eating food that is not natural. And on top of all of that, dealing with the energies of their humans.

When you look at behavioral studies, there are a few coping mechanisms regarding to stress. A few examples:

  • They can get defensive/aggressive, like reactive dogs, biting birds.
  • They can adapt, that is what the Antelopes for instance are masters at.
  • They can avoid, for instance the animal that hides when you are mad, or there is conflict.
  • They can withdraw, like the pet that seems to no longer enjoy anything.
  • They can go into self harming behaviour, licking themselves, biting themselves, feather picking, or worse….
  • They can display odd behaviour, like for instance in dogs the fiddle about tactic. Or the crazy 5 minutes in cats.

And not to mention the physical problems stress can cause, from skin problems to more serious health issues.

So, do they need to meditate? Uhm, no, but maybe we do 😉 And feel into what it is our pets need to get back to their natural meditative state 🙂

So, start doing things with your pet that are an alternative for not being able to display natural behaviour.

Work with them, train. But also leave them be if they are resting, let them come to you!

Massages, other forms of bodywork that is compatible with your sort of pet.

Look at how they eat and what they eat. Chewing a bone for a dog can be very satisfying and release all kinds of nice neurotransmitters 🙂

And yes, go meditate yourself. Work on your own issues. Don’t put it all on your pet. Even if you feel it’s their new task, to help you, they still are individuals with their own needs.

And, don’t overdo it! That can also cause stress again in the form of fatigue! You see this with the animals that do sports, or are coaching or therapy-animals. They need time to rest, or just to be, to play 🙂

Now, after reading all this you are like, wow, I recognise this with my pet… And you are not sure of what it is your pet needs? Do you want to know what your pet wants from his or her point of view?

I can help you on that part! I can listen to what they have to say and pass on their message to you, so you can work on this together 🙂

Hop on a call with me to see what I can do for your pet and you!

Or if you are ready to book a session straight away, you can do that here 🙂

Oh, and if you want to know how to meditate yourself? I know a lot of really nice people that offer free meditations or themed packages. And I hope to create some myself in the near future.

Love and meditate,




Connection lost?


What is it about our pets we truly love? Why do we want to have them around us in the first place?

It’s unconditional love. That is what we crave and seek from our pets. I hear it over and over again. People make meme’s about it, write quotes, base books on this. Especially with dogs.

And today, after another intense but beautiful week I thought, wow. That is actually really sad. That we seek unconditional love with our pets. Not with fellow human beings but with pets. The quote: “the more I get to know people the more I want to be with my pets” is actually really sad…..

We are searching. Everywhere. For that feeling. The feeling of being wanted. Of being loved. For who we are. I am reading blogs about it, books. Unconditional.

I could almost make a standard report about what the pets want me to tell their owners: I love you, I love being with you, I want the best for you. And owners love this, it gives them a sense of worth, it actually confirms their feeling of what the pet gives to them.

The next remark is that they wish they could connect to animals the same way as I do. Read them, hear them. Animals, not humans. They just skip the part of connection to their own species in this way.

That is why I feel we have lost our real connection. And the more we are seeking the more it gets lost. I see it all around me. There are over 7,5 billion people on this world, and we feel alone and lost, misunderstood, missing belonging anywhere.

We are social beings, we need to belong. To our own species. Not to dogs, not to cats, to humans. Only they can really understand what you feel. If you let them.

And to do that we need to restore our connection to self. To be able to truly start connecting again you need to heal your connection to self, and with that, the connection to other human beings.

This is certainly my lesson in life too. We are so afraid of being ourselves, of being vulnerable. To show our true colors. And most of the time we don’t even really know ourselves. We are afraid of being different, weird. Of being judged, looked upon. And we end up doing that to ourselves. We judge ourselves, we think we need to fit in and be normal.

I love talking to pets, connecting to them the way I can. But here is this little thing that comes with this work, I need to talk to the owners. And that is not so easy for me.

Most of the times the conversations end up being really nice. But… I always feel I am being judged, have I done enough, is this what the owner expected?

So I don’t go into that conversation from a place of unconditional love myself. And I should, the connection from the heart space is the most pure there is. I experience this with the animals.

And I know most owners are beautiful souls, because through my work with their pets I also get a peek into their souls. They must be amazing people, this pet loves them so much 🙂 Then why am I afraid they will judge me? Because I am not loving myself unconditionally.

And there it is, connection lost.

This week I experienced my true colors, and they were amazing. So beautiful. And so much to share. With myself, my loved ones, the world. It lasted for about two days, and then I fell back into the judging myself mode.

And end up rejecting any form of connection my husband tries to make, because I fill in things that maybe even aren’t there. That his signs of affection are not unconditional. That he wants or needs something from me that I can’t give. And so I end up talking to animals again.

But there is hope, more and more I am starting to talk to humans. We are also animals after all. Humanimals 🙂 We just speak a different language.

But then again, dogs and cats also speak a different one 🙂 I always have to laugh when the dogs are smelling the behinds of our cats and the cats get annoyed. And the other way around, the cats sniffing the dogs faces, and the dogs turning their heads like, whaaat are you doing? But still, they do have a connection 😉

Are you ready to restore the connection?

Talk to me about what your pet can teach you on this 🙂
I promise I will enter the conversation from a place of unconditional love 😉

Love and light,


When I looked into your eyes


I just knew. We belong together.

Now, where is this coming from? This is a blog about animals? Or?

Today it is October 4th, World Animal day. A lot of people that work with animals, or sell animal based products, give extra attention to this day.

But this is a special day for me though for another reason. A day of sweet memories. It was the day I went on a first date with my now husband. I remember almost every moment from that night. That night we had our first kiss!!!

I had met him at my workplace just a few months before, and I actually also remember the first moment I met him. Looked into his eyes. He was cute. In a boyish way 🙂

But I was at a point in my life I had no room for love, for a “new guy”. I was in a depression and I just couldn’t let anyone in. So falling in love even made things worse. I was so insecure and in doubt about everything and there I was. So vulnerable. So not ready to get hurt again.

So I didn’t pursue. Luckily he was just someone from an external company I didn’t have to see every day. But still. Every time he was there, my heart was working overtime, and I basically was a mess.

And it seemed that is was kind of mutual, but he had never had a girlfriend before, so he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t take that first step either.

In that period I also met the dog that saved my life. That actually was able to heal me, to eventually open my heart enough to let this new love in, this human I was really attracted too.

I also remember looking into that little dogs eyes. His one blue, one brown eye. I knew we were meant to be together. And even though I resisted at the start, I eventually took him in.

A great time of healing began. So much that in the end I was able to ask my now husband out on a first date. In a safe setting, with other people. Just a movie and some drinks 🙂 Nothing big.

But yes, that evening. Looking into each others eyes. Light touches. And that first kiss. Those are moments I will never forget.

My husband and that dog, Elvis, shared a birthday, so I always felt it was all meant to be. And once I started to use my natural abilities as animal communicator again, I understood that this dog was really here to help me heal. He was pure joy, pure love. No matter how dark, sad, hurt, angry I was. He was there to cheer me up. No judgement. Just looking at me with his special eyes.

Wanna play? And we did. He was able to wake up my inner child.

He is no longer with me on this earth, I do still miss him dearly, but I know he is always there, watching over me. Helping me in my work.

My husband however is still here. Supporting me in all of these crazy adventures of mine. And sometimes I think back to that beginning. That 4th of October. World Animal day. Our first date. And the beginning of a long journey together. 20 years already! After resisting I also took him in, and he stayed 😉

Have you ever had a moment like that? With your pet? That you “just knew”. Love at first sight?

Love and light,



Scared to be visible?


Confession: I am. But I am doing it anyway. Because I feel I have such amazing gifts to help your pet and you. And they shouldn’t go to waste, it is a deeper calling I have, and so I do it. I get out there.

But, it is still hard for me. Especially in how consistent I should be. If I do too much I will feel exposed, if I do to little I am not helping my self, and am not being of service to the animals and you.

There needs to be a balance, and that what I put out there has to be of value. It can be personal stories, because you never know who might benefit from those for themselves.

It can be stories from my work as animal communicator, so people get to know what I do better.

It can be all kinds of things, but as my mentor always says, visibility without intention is useless.

For me it is also about energy. If I am not in a good place, and I force myself to write a blog, newsletter, or put anything out there, it wouldn’t feel right, and my ideal clients, the ones that are sensitive, will definitely pick up on that. And then my sensitivity will pick up the negative energy and make me want to go back in hiding again.

I have been doing some very transformative inner work though around being visible, and Wolf, the amazing mentor for the first month of the Down to Earth spirituality group that has started (with 7 amazing participants!) had also been giving me lessons on that.

Why do I have so much trouble getting out there? It’s a feeling of being unsafe. And that is interesting, because then especially I should seek the safety of my own people, my tribe, but instead I tend to hide under a rock.

Wolves in the same pack protect each other, protect their offspring. And that feeling is something I lacked as a child. I didn’t have a safe den. I instead got of out there, retreated in nature. That isn’t very safe either, but to me it was more safe then my own pack or tribe.

That feeling of unsafety, that is what I have been working on. I did an Angelic EFT session with the Gladiator of Love, Sam Livermore, and I did a transformative Mandala session with the amazing Tanya Arler. You can see the shift I made on the image above.

This feeling of being unsafe is something I also often encounter in my sessions with pets. They have been abandoned, or taken away from the care of the mother (and sometimes father) way too soon. I see this in dogs, cats, horses, parrots, livestock.

When this happens a lot of healing is needed on a later stage, and animal communication and healing alone will most of the time not even be enough.

And you see it in those pets, they also want to become invisible. Like our dog Cheyenne, that hides under the bed when she feels unsafe. Or the other way around, become aggressive, try to chase you off.

I saw a picture today of a dog in a shelter that said it all. Abandoned by its owner, in a very unsafe environment, with barking dogs, the smell of fear, anxiety, death. The dog was cramped in a corner, face to the wall, making itself as small as possible, and it almost was like he wanted to become a part of that wall. So he would forget, people would not see him. It was a heart breaking image.

When you have a pet like that, I can certainly use animal communication and/or healing to see what is going on. What the pet will tell me about its past, why it is still feeling unsafe, what it needs.

Lots of times the owners don’t understand their behaviour, because they give the pet everything it needs right? But there is something wrong/missing in the basis, and that needs to be healed. That is not your fault as owner, but you can help your pet with.

You can give it time, patience, additional therapies or remedies, and above all a lot, and I mean A LOT, of unconditional love. Don’t push, don’t pull, accept where the pet is at, acknowledge its feelings and pain.

And when you can give that to your pet, you can work on the process of feeling safe once again to be visible. To heal, and leave the past behind.

I also always say that animals live in the here and now. They do, very much, but damaged is still damaged, and healing is still needed.

If you have a feeling your pet could have issues like that going on, why not send me a message and hop on Skype with me to talk about what I can do for you both.

Or you can visit my website to see what I have available on this.

I can heal myself, with the help of others. Your pet can also heal itself, but it does need your help on that.

Love and light,


Have you ever had a talk on a deeper level than you ever imagined?


I did, just a few days ago. Not with an animal this time, but with the owner of an amazing dog I had the honour of connecting with earlier this year.

This dog, she is not with her owner for nothing. I have never before had such a deep conversation with a pet. I have with wild animals, like Whales and other animals with deep wisdom, but seldom with pets.

This dog seems to hold the wisdom of the ages and the universe. And I have a connection to this wisdom and energy. It’s not for nothing I am able to connect to animals and nature on this level.

But it was the conversation I had with this amazing dogs equally amazing owner that has deepened my journey and level of being.

Now, I can’t imagine her trials, because they are really going deep, but we have an amazing connection, we “understand” each other. And we have a link, maybe through her amazing deep dog, because I did a card reading for her this week at exactly the right timing. And she didn’t ask for it, I just felt called to do it, I rarely do full card readings for people.

And because of that card reading we kind of spontaneously connected and talked about what was happening for her, her fears, doubts, sadness and there were some similarities in my own experiences at this time.

This is what I realised: Its time for me to let go of self-doubt, stop looking for confirmation outside and really step into my brilliance, admit to myself I am an expert in what I do, and that I can really help the animals. And people along the way 😉

I am a big cheerleader, always cheering everybody on, and I mean that, it’s not just sweet talk or sugar coating, I do believe in the way I communicate with people. That’s just me. I do this because it’s something I used to need, being cheered on. But I now realise that I never cheer myself on!

Not so long ago I did a loveletter challenge to myself. I felt amazing after that! Just cheering myself on as I would do others. And not just mentally and emotionally, but also physically! It’s all so connected!

And why not be myself completely 24/7, why not talk about what I do, what I feel, what I experience to others, why keep it hidden, even for my husband? I am so ready to get above the fear of being judged, being crucified for what I believe in. I feel there is some really old karma being dissolved here. The witch on the stake, being banned for being different, always outside of society, being murdered because as a Native American boy I dared to stare at a “white” girl.

Time to dissolve those old fears, I am in this life, here and now, and nobody is going to stop me again. Time for me to connect to my own species and not be afraid.

Lots more came up, like our connection to Archangel Michael, something is definitely up with that, and I will explore this more. Maybe an invitation, another portal to step through. Who knows.

I have always felt like I was destined to do great things, and not in the sense of being in politics, become a famous artist, but to be a part of that awakening movement, those that are on earth in this lifetime to bring heaven on earth again. In my case through my connection with the animals and the earth.

And I feel like when I am truly and fully myself, I will attract the exact right people, who are also ready to go deep, to explore their connection with their pet beyond the material level, people that feel this connection to nature but don’t know how to reach it, how to rebuild this.

This is how I can be of service to the world, to the new paradigm, by helping those people, and through those people the animals and the planet.

I have so much knowledge inside of me, knowledge I didn’t just “learn” in school, and I am so ready to share. But not in the traditional sense of teaching, because I am getting more and more aware that our current school- and learning systems are failing with all this new energy coming in.

Why tell you all this? I felt this was so important to share. Because maybe you feel the same things going on, but are afraid of letting them come up to the surface.

So, this is what I do, and want to develop even deeper.

Love and Light,