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Having fun and joy in life!


Last weekend I was at a festival in our country, it’s a three day music and relax festival where people feel they can be “themselves”.

I love spending time there, it’s a beautiful setting, the festival is all about nature, sustainability, good food, lovely people. And yes, people “dress” up, and let out their inner Shaman, Viking, Hobbit, Elf, Druid, Witch, Pikachu, Superhero or whatever they feel like.

And it’s so fun and free, there are almost never any real problems, no real fighting, even with all the mead, beer, and recreational smoking being consumed.

But, there are the after festival blues, and people are like, now we have to wait a whole year to feel this free again, to enjoy ourselves this much.

That’s terrible! Life shouldn’t be about just three days of fun and laughter per year. Or working hard at a job you don’t like or are not appreciated for, just to go on one or two holidays per year.

The animals are giving us those messages too, all the time. Actually, not just our pets or the wild animals, but also other sorts of spirit guides and/or angels.

Live in the now, find your joy in life, relax and just lighten up!

This is what always strikes me when communicating with the animals. They are so living in the here and now, they don’t create drama. They experience trauma, sure they do, they have feelings and emotions, just like we do. But, they don’t create drama.

The creating drama part is really human. We tend to take the feelings and emotions and turn them into stories, and those stories then become our truths and limitations. And they even become embedded in our DNA and passed on to next generations. And then we need guidance, therapy and healing on that.

Animals are not like that. Sure, that what they experienced can come up later when something triggers it (like fireworks for instance), but overall they are not walking around with those stories in the present all the time.

They feel, they process, and move on. And that is what they would love us to do too. To just live in the here and now, and love, feel joy. Be open and pure, no hidden agenda’s.

Because our drama does effect them. I know we don’t intend to for this happen, but it does. The feeling of fear for instance makes them feel unsafe. The same goes for anger and violence. Grief and sadness makes them want to comfort you.

So they are giving us these messages, telling us they love us. I feel that is why a lot of people actually want to have pets. To experience that what we are missing. Or missing out on, like unconditional love, a hug every now and then, physical contact in general. It’s actually really sad we feel the need to get them from an animal, instead of our fellow species…. I never have seen a Lion hug a Hippo, at least, not in the way we hug our dogs o.O

But, we somehow self-sabotage every time. And animals, especially our pets, feel like, wow, they just don’t hear. Or want to hear. Some pets leave if they can’t get through to you, cats especially are known for doing that…..

So, please, people, just listen to the animals, take an example, and start following the joy in your life. Live in the here and now.

I feel the ability of experiencing true joy and the ability of receiving and giving love starts early in life, very early.

For instance: why on earth do we buy stuffed animals for our kids to hug with, why not start learning them to hug other humans, to share that love. Not with the stuffed animals but with their friends. This kind of love comes from the soul. From our desire to connect to that other soul. Stop separating babies from day one from the mother, putting it in another room, all alone. We are mammals right? Breast feed when you can. Give home birth when it’s an option. Connect to our babies instead of cute puppies or kittens. Stop feeding them cow’s milk, because well, that is for calves…..

Actually, we are even spreading the separation thing to the animal world. Weaning puppies, kittens, baby parrots, way too soon, for “socialising”. And getting the calves away from their mother so their milk can go to us. I’ve seen this process, it’s heart breaking. And I can go on with this, but I won’t, because well, creating drama ;-).

I feel, that the experiencing of true joy and love, and fully becoming yourself lies in that very beginning. I see it happen with dogs and cats that have been taken away from their mothers too soon. They also have problems connecting and interacting to their own species. But, they accept, adapt and move on, make the most out of what is given.

So… long story short, the message is to enjoy life more, relax, live in the now and stop creating drama.

Easy peasy right? 😉

Love and light, Diana



Power, totem, soul, spirit animals?


Since I have been doing the Call of the Wild consults, which I love doing, and the messages are awesome, I have been getting questions on power animals, or totem animals.

There are a lot of terms out there, and there is much confusion. So I will try to explain in short what and how and the difference. Basically they are the animals that are guiding you or giving you strength on certain parts of your life.

Every culture has it’s own kind of system, so the same thing might have different terminology, don’t get confused about that. And with every culture, their own kind of animals show up. The animals native to Australia are very different than the animals in Northern Europe for instance.

But it is interesting to see though how every culture attributed the same kinds of traits and qualities to similar animals 😉 You would think the original tribes could all communicate with animals 😉

Animals you relate to are usually a sign that they are of some importance to you. Even the animals you are afraid of, or find repulsive one way or the other. There’s also a message in there somewhere. And I don’t mean your average irritation (mosquito’s, flies), but a real fear or even phobia, that can really paralyse you or even give you panic attacks!

So, the terminology, here it goes:

Spirit Animal:

Associated with traditional and modern Western Shamanic practices. They are the animals that the shaman finds for you during initiations or shamanic journeys. They are used for guidance. They usually guide and protect you. Spirit guide or guardian spirit are also common used names. You can also see them on your own shamanic journeys.

Power Animal:

The spirit of the animal can unite with the person it has chosen to guide in a more personal way. There will be similarities and synchronicity between the traits, personality, characteristics of the power animal and the person it has chosen. The Power Animal can be the same as a Spirit Animal, but it doesn’t have to be.

Totem Animal:

Basically they are also power and/or spirit animals, but usually more in the sense of the Native American tradition. They use the term totems. They believed the animals provide medicine. Not in the way of Western medicine, but in the form of lessons the animals are here to teach you, the wisdom they share with you. Your totem animal can also be linked to your birth date and season you were born in, and with the element you therefore hold. They are also linked to the medicine wheel, so if you start working with that you might also find your totem animal.

Soul Animal:

Another term for spirit animal, linked to your soul. I like this term 🙂

Some animals are there for your whole life, others are there temporarily, for a few days, a few months. Depending on what you are going through.

There are many lists to be found on the internet, and depending on what you are searching for you might find something different.

There is also much literature on spirit animals, what to choose…. I like the work of Ted Andrews a lot, but find out what speaks to you.

The most important thing however is that you start feeling what your animal might be. Start journeying, ask questions, look at signs in every day life. What animal has always had special meaning.

Don’t be too hung up on the written word by others, by traditional meanings. Don’t forget, they are personal interpretation by the writer and culture. Times are changing, so are the animals, so are we.

When I see a person sometimes I immediately see an animal with them, sometimes a wild animal, sometimes a domesticated. I believe that a domesticated animal, a pet even, can very well be your spirit animal, and definitely your spirit guide. There are books and teachings that say they cannot be because they are already in “service” of mankind. I feel that doesn’t do justice to domesticated animals. In fact, I feel that they are our biggest teachers, mirrors, guides, soulmates. Even the ones we don’t keep indoors, but more for production. In “service” of mankind suggests and supports the idea of superiority of people over the animals, and that is not my philosophy.

So, stay open to other possibilities. Read about it, look on the internet. But above all: find out what that animal has for personal message, just for you.

For instance, I have a few animals guiding me, two of them are always there. They are a stag and a bald eagle. But my birth animal is an Elephant. Not always visible, but always there.

Now the eagle lets me fly on it’s back. He never talks to me. He just takes me up on a mountain, sit for a while, look down at the chaos and then we fly above to get more clarity. But he never ever speaks to me.

The stag is the one that pushes me when I am doubting myself again. Sometimes he even pierces me with his antlers. But other times he is very very gentle with me. I know he is the one that is here to teach me about self care and self love, and still stand up for myself.

The fact that both the Stag and the Eagle are a he, has to do with me embracing my masculine energy, that I am denying.

This year Jaguar entered my life, he’s been with me for the past couple of months whilst changing my business from just another business to my soul business. He gives me a lot of strength, and insight on when exactly to make steps and when to sit back and relax.

Because I have a special bond and pact with the animal kingdom, there are a lot of animals helping me. A stampede out there.

But some people are more plant-types, tree-types, rock-types, Angel-types. There are a lot of helpers out there, a lot of guides. Feel what works for you.

I believe everyone has at least one power animal though. That was there when you chose to come to this earth, and will be with you when you leave again. Maybe that animal is not always so present.

And it can be any kind of animal, it doesn’t have to be a mammal or a bird, it can be anything really. Don’t refuse the animal that comes to you, just because you want a cuddly little koala instead of a big hairy spider. Find out about the animal that is coming to you, understand it, listen to what it has to say. Don’t deny it. You probably chose each other the moment you decided to be born again 🙂

Talking about superiority: Isn’t it strange that we need animals as guides or protectors and they don’t need us? Something to think about as closure to this blog 🙂

And have fun! There are a lot of lessons out there from the animals, but being in the hear and now and enjoying life to the fullest are very general messages 🙂

Love and light

Diana and the Animal Kingdom.


Pets as guides to your inner truth

Diana Paard

I have a lovely group on Facebook that I am very active in. I post daily energy reports in there, based on the wisdom of the Maya Tzolkin Dreamspell calendar, combined with lots of other things, animals included of course 😀

What I posted in there today inspired me to write this for you.

A few days back I picked up reading again. A book that one of the people I know through Project Positive Change had written was speaking to me, so I pre-ordered it and now I am reading it.
And I love it so far!
On the one hand his story is very different from mine, but on the other hand I recognise so much. The feelings, the emotions.

The last few days I have also been talking to someone about her really wanting to get a dog, and how she is doubting, only for her to realise today that she wants a dog to really experience unconditional love (again).

And last but not least, earlier today had a discussion with the leader and one of the fellow participants of the Fearless and Live Mastermind I am following. About keeping up appearances.

The fellow participant is a relationship coach, or mentor rather, and she is finding it hard to get clients. Because, well, we hardly ever speak up about topics like relationship problems.

These events reminded me of courage.
How much courage it takes to go inside and truly look at what is going on.
On how you are probably even keeping up appearances towards yourself.
Smiling all day, yes, I’m fine. All is good. Oh we are doing great.
But… on the inside such a different story is going on.

We look up to people who seem to have it all going for them. But really, do we ever know what is going on in the inside?

If you can say yes to that, you are a really strong empath or psychic, but most of us don’t. We just see the exterior.

It takes a lot of courage to go on the most adventurous trip of them all. The going inward one.

To really discover your true self. Your being of light that is underneath all the layers of wallpaper.

It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable, to really say what is going on.
Why don’t we do that? Because if we do, we would see that there are so many people out there going through the same things! Imagine the support you could get by opening up!

I mean, reading a book like that, seeing the reactions of people of recognition. Even though he is so different, we can still relate and feel the same.

We know the emotions, we know the feelings. We just don’t want to admit. Because we are afraid.
Afraid of failure, being judged, ridiculed, discriminated.
And aren’t we most afraid of doing that to ourselves?

Now, where does the link with animal communication come in? Why do we want to be near animals, or maybe even the opposite, are afraid of them?

Because they see you. Truly for who you are, and love you anyway. They see your core, right into your soul, that being of light.

They don’t judge, they love unconditionally (ok, cats may walk out on you if you don’t feed them, but, hey, cats…), and they want to heal and guide you.

And therefore it’s easier to open up to them, to show your vulnerability because it’s relatively safe to do so. To give and receive unconditional love.

I do believe this is one of the reasons why coaching with animals, especially horses and dogs, is so immense popular.

15F005-010-homeAnd people that are scared of horses and dogs? Maybe they are most of all scared of themselves……

So have the courage, strength and trust to go on that inward journey. Explore, discover and reveal the true you.
Not just to the outside world, but most of all to yourself.

Do you want to know if your pet is guiding you on this? Seeing your true self?

Or if a wild animal has something to communicate to you on this?

I can talk to them for you, translate what they have to say. To see that special reason why you love that animal so much, or are afraid of the other one.

For the possibilities of talking to your pets click here.

Let’s give courage a chance!

Love and light,


On being a messenger


I feel blessed and honored that I am able to translate what the animals want to share, not just pets, but also the wild animals. But don’t shoot the messenger.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the talks I have are really nice, but the reality is owners come to me when there is something going on, they usually don’t want a session just for fun 🙂
So every now and then it’s not so nice, being the messenger. I feel the hurt, the pain, the anger. With both the one that gives the message and the one that receives it.

However, the messages are too precious and important not to give.

When I started using animal communication professionally a few years back, sometimes the pets told me things I didn’t want to communicate to the owners.
And I didn’t. I just wanted to keep things all cheery and happy.
But the owners just knew somehow, that it wasn’t complete. There was something missing.

Like the answer to the question, is it his of her time?
Most of the times the owners know it’s time, they just want confirmation.
Sometimes the answer is no. Most of the times the answer is yes.

The same goes for questions like does the pet like living with us.
In this case, most of the times the answer is yes, but sometimes it’s a no.
And that would feel like failure for the owner.

But as with human relationships, sometimes your story together comes to an end.
You have taught each other what was needed and it’s time to move on.
Either to another realm, or to a new home.

Communicating with animals is something I have always done, just more aware the last decade or so.
The messages I have gotten from animals for myself have been so meaningful.
Not just from my pets, but certainly also from the “wild” animals.
Their messages are really powerful.
They can really give you answers to life questions.
Insights and wisdom you wouldn’t expect from them.

And then the general messages from other species towards our species.
Like the message from dogs I gave just last week.

I have resisted being the messenger for so long, but now that I no longer resist, the messages keep coming in from everywhere!
And they even tell me how to give their messages.

For the pets it’s what I already did, the shorter and longer consults.
For the wild animals I have created the Call of the Wild, messages just for you.
Lately I have been guided to go and make guided meditations, on connecting with your pet, but also to travel with the wild animals.
Or find out what your totem animal is.
And for their general messages to make an oracle card set, and write a book.
Around the world with 80 animals. The title is already there 🙂

If you want to keep in touch, or up to date on what is coming over the next months, you can subscribe to my newsletter, like my Facebookpage, or join my Facebookgroup.
In the last one I am present almost every day, sharing daily energy posts, and things on the animal kingdom in general. It’s a lovely group of people in there, so join in on the fun.

But if you are not on Facebook, signing up to my mailinglist is the way to go. A lovely freebie in the form of a meditation is your gift from me to you when you do.

Love and light,

Do you know Scotty?


No, not the beam me up one 🙂 But our lovely dog, Scotty, or Scott, or well, we don’t know actually. Outside his names seems to be nothing 😀

Scotty is almost with us for a year now, and he is a very special dog. Very kind, very social. We tried getting him not to jump up to people on greeting, but it made him so miserable that we totally let go of that. If the person doesn’t want it he or she can indicate so, and he will react. We have noticed that. He’s very sensitive.

Scotty in Greece (then Park)
Scotty in Greece (then Park)

Also, when you are grieving, hurting, or in need of any kind of healing, he will come sit next to you, really close, and give you what you need. He just opens up his heart and lets his unconditional love flow into yours. He’s a master in letting your tears come out.

Although he always seems so happy, he does have a trauma. That happened to him a year ago. Just before he came to live with us.

The shelter where he was staying on the Isle of Lesbos, Greece, had a fire. In that fire some of his best dog-friends passed away. He must have heard their barks, their distress. They had no way of escaping and nobody helped. When the owners of the shelter came back they of course were devastated.

Scotty (then called Park) couldn’t cope with all of this sadness. He was really “down”. So the founder of Bennies Place, who went there to help out after the fire, decided to take him home with her. Earlier than planned, but he couldn’t stay there.

And the weird thing was, I had seen pictures of him, he was up for adoption for a while. But he was always with other dogs that interested me more. Because I was thinking of getting a friend for Cheyenne. The dogs I was more interested in, especially one of them, was one of the victims of the fire.

Emotional reunion with Anna and Giorgos from the shelter in Greece.
Emotional reunion with Anna and Giorgos from the shelter in Greece.

And I still don’t know how it happened exactly, but somehow we decided to go see if he was a match for Cheyenne when he was in The Netherlands.

And he was. An amazing match, because Cheyenne (you can read her story here) really doesn’t like other dogs much. But his character, his amazing way with other living beings, I think that was just what she needed. And it was like it was meant to be. He just came with us. No problems at all.

Reunited with Anita at the ex-stray day
Reunited with Anita at the ex-stray day

It did take him about a year to get over the trauma of the fire. Not that he always was thinking of it, but there were signs. Afraid of the dark. Afraid of the smell of fire, of seeing fire. In the beginning he bit through leashes, even the ones of the other dogs. Of the cats even, when they were in the garden. He panicked when he heard dogs barking in pain or panic. But overall he was such a charmer. Everybody loved him. On our trip to the UK they were crazy about him (even though he was a Greek refugee 😉 ).

And now, one year later, we can really say, yes, he’s over it. His weird cough has gone. He no longer freaks out at night in the dark, or when he smells fire. Or tries to bite through leashes. He still wants to help. Everyone. Animal and human. I do believe that is just his nature. And we love him to bits for that.

With Cheyenne in the UK
With Cheyenne in the UK

So this is the story of Scotty. And we did help and support him with animal communication, healing, homeopathy, herbs, a cranio-sacral therapy treatment. He’s the kind of dog that is not so obvious in asking for help, because he is always that happy and ready to help you. Especially those dogs need some more attention.

Do you have a story like that with your own pet? A special way they came into your life?

Do you want to know what they are here to share with you? Or if they have special abilities or wishes?

Work with me! I can talk to your pet to get these answers 🙂

And who knows, maybe Scotty will come to the rescue 😉

A Love letter from the Dogs


Yes, I communicate with your pet. And with wild animals.

Yes, I communicate with individuals. But sometimes, the energy of a species in general is asking for my attention. Like the last few days, because I did a lot of readings with them, dogs came up to me and asked me to share this message with you. And they asked me to write this in “love letter form”, so here it goes 🙂

CheyenneDear (future) owners,

Thank you for reading this.

Yes, we want to be with you. Yes, we are meant to be together. Remember, we as a species once freely chose to start living with you. And we saw a mutual benefit in that.

But things have gotten out of control. You started “breeding” us, for certain purposes. And that was still ok. But then you went on to start breeding us for looks. Did you ever stop to think what breeding us on our looks would do to our health? Just stop for a while and think. If you go look for a (new) dog, please be more aware of our health then our looks. Lets get our species healthy again 🙂

Also: yes, we like to work, we like to have a task. We love working with you. Together. That’s what we are here to do, to be your friend, your companion, your playmate. To give you unconditional love, no matter what you throw at us. We are one of the most patient and forgiving species on the planet.

Yes, it’s good to know what kind of food is best for us, how to take care of our health, and how we work from a biological point of view.

But. We are also souls, unique individuals. We feel. We hurt. We laugh. We cry. We want to have a family. We want to feel loved. And wanted. So. Please. Get out of your heads and into your hearts. Feel what it is we want and need. Trust on what comes to you. It is us talking to you. Don’t let all the professionals confuse you. They all think from logic. And sometimes that is necessary. But think of your own species. Are you always that logical?

We connected with you, just because we are so similar. We are so adaptable and versatile. Just go for us, all the way.

We love you, we forgive you. We are there to help and guide you. All we ask in return is to love us for who we are. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Love always

Your Best Friends Forever

The Dogs.


Will you still love me???


I saw this post on Facebook today. And it really got to me. Because this happens. A lot.

I actually used the German Shepherd as an example with my business mentor. Loads of people have an idea about this breed, that is fed by the books and the internet through the description of the breed standard. So you think you will get a dog that will protect your house, your terrain, your family.

But what if this particular one isn’t a guard dog at all? What if it’s a really soft soul that just wants to sit with you, take care of you. “Hug you”. Will you still love it?

The same goes for the animals people want to work with. Like hunting dogs. Or the sheepdog like Border Collies. What will happen if the hunting dog really only wants to play all the time. If that Border turns out to be a tracking dog. Are you willing to let go of expectations? And adjust and still have a great relationship with them?

And I didn’t even start with all the pets that are bought “for the children”. But you know, the attention span of children is like… uh… zero…. And you know you end up taking care of the pet (there are always exceptions ofcourse!). Will you still love it?

How many animals end up at a shelter, or neglected, or worse…. Just because they didn’t live up to expectations….. Imagine putting your husband or children at a shelter….

Horses that didn’t live up to the dream of becoming the second Bonfire, or to join the olympic jumping team. Will you still love your horse if you can not sit on it’s back anymore. If your horse has another task in life.

And I can go on and on. Cats that are like dogs, following you everywhere, that can’t be alone. And you thinking, well I wanted a cat to not be so alone, but hey, they are low maintenance, they take care of themselves.

Chickens that stop laying eggs because of old age. Hamsters that are asleep during the day. Rabbits that sit in a corner because they are alone, or attack you if you enter their territory. Parrots that are too noisy, or start biting you to get attention. All because of the wrong expectations….

And what if your pet get’s old, handicapped, in need of care and attention. Will you still love it? For better or for worse, till death do us…..

The pets always get the blame, rarely people look towards themselves in this. Pets aren’t their breed standard, they are unique individuals, and remember: they will also react to your energy and general situation.

Sometimes people do approach me about this. And then I think, yes, you gem! They are at least open to change. To hearing what the pet has to say in this! Not that they always like the answer, but still, they made this first big step. And I cherish those people, because they are the ones that will make a change. They will start the ripple effect.

And to all the rest? I suggest you get the one in the last picture… Do dust if of from time to time though….

If you have a situation like this, and you are willing to let go of expectations to build something new and wonderful with your pet, you can read more on what I have to offer here. I really can help you and your pet towards a better mutual understanding 🙂

Love and light, as always,


Fixing things


As an animal communicator, there are some things I need to be aware of not to fall for. One of them is fixing things.

We as species have a need to “fix” things. When something is broken, we repair it. When somebody is sick, we heal them. When death is near, we try to prolong it. It seems to be in our nature. Or is it? Maybe it’s been slowly entering our systems throughout our history. When we discovered how things work, how the body works. How people got sick, and why. And we try to fix it. And that’s okay as long as it has a function.

But it has gone to extremes, we try to fix everything. Old age is no longer accepted. Or respected. We manipulate to fulfil our needs for fixing. Food, animals, the earth, the climate even.

I’ve had a few consults where clients were “disappointed” by the results. They were expecting something else, or more. They kind of expected me to fix things for them. Maybe I have been not clear enough in stating where my work ends, or maybe they didn’t (want to) hear.

But I can’t fix it. I am just a vessel, a messenger. I translate what the animal has to say, what it needs to bring across. I tell what I sense in its body, to give directions if they are lost on what is going on. And that is where my work ends. The next step is up to the owner and the animal. My knowledge and experience can help get them on their way, but then it’s up to them. It’s not up to me to fix things.

And whilst I know this is where my responsibility ends, in the past sometimes I couldn’t help but get this feeling of failure. I wasn’t able to fix things. I should have done more. I should have made the animal complete again.

This need for me to fix things comes from my past. My brother making an attempt to end his life when I was young, and years later the second attempt succeeded. My father died a year later. Our family fell apart. And I just wanted to fix things, make it better. Heal everyone, make life pleasant again. Make it whole. Because I didn’t like that broken feeling.

But through the years I realised more and more that some things aren’t meant to be fixed. They are actually meant to be experienced, as valuable lessons and messages. They are meant to stay broken. Or maybe even never were broken. We can’t fix old age, we can’t fix death. They are a part of life, they aren’t broken. A part of the cycle. As the older animals say to me, please let my owner know I am not a patient. I don’t need fixing, I need love and understanding. I need acceptance. As my dog Elvis told me when he became paralysed. I don’t need fixing. I don’t want a wheelchair. I want you to accept me as I am. I am not broken, I am perfect just the way I am.

Animals are much better in accepting things the way they are. They most of the time don’t fix things, or if they are beyond repair, they let go of it. You will see a spider weave its web over and over again, or a bird build its nest over again, but in the end, they will just find a new spot if it doesn’t work. And parents that see that there is something wrong with their new born, know they won’t survive in the wild or weaken the species. They abandon them, or even kill them. They understand this circle of life. That doesn’t mean they don’t feel or mourn, they do, but they accept this.

Animals that are domesticated still have that urge, but we intervene. It’s our need for fixing and controlling things that comes up. To rescue the little animal. And it works, but lots of times they end up having special needs, or a weak immune system for instance. So, we keep on fixing the rest of their lives.

But for me, it was accepting the fact I can’t fix everything. I can guide, direct, give clues. I can translate, give the message. And accept that some things aren’t meant to be fixed. And can be very beautiful in their “broken” form…..

Beautiful old “broken” Elvis…..

If you are interested in me not fixing things for you, but do want me to give you clues on what’s going on, I invite you to explore my website to see what I have to offer for you on this.

Mirror mirror


In my work as animal communicator I come across these recurring themes, things that come up over and over again.

One of those themes is mirroring. When I send in the report from a session a lot of times the owner responds: Are you sure you read my pet? Or did you read me?

The first few times I was like what? Really? No, I talked to the animal, right? Now that I have more experience I find that several things can be going on:

1: Your pet is mirroring you, to give you guidance, lessons.

2: You have chosen your pet (or it has chosen you!) because you recognise the energy, you are similar. Or have shared past lives.

3: There are certain traits in your pet you find attractive, probably because you need to develop them yourselves.

For instance: dogs are very loyal, they are known for their unconditional love. Lots of times people that have been hurt by other people say: I’d rather be with my dog(s), they will never hurt me on purpose. But are you loyal and loving towards yourself? The way you treat yourself influences your relationships with others.

Cats are very good at taking care of themselves, and they are generally more the introverts. So people that have trouble with getting out there tend to be “cat” persons. Also interesting to see there that people sometimes have a lot of cats, and I mean a lot…. And that whilst cats are not really group animals, with individual exceptions of course. Is there a hidden need for company there?

Horses will challenge you on your authenticity and natural leadership. Yes, you can break a horse, but if you get the horse to work with you it is so much more rewarding, and you get to really learn to stand in your strength. So, are you using will power to get others to do what you want, or are you working with them. And there are many more examples I could give.

The same goes for power animals or totem animals. The animals that are guiding you portrait certain trades or qualities you need/want, or admire. Native people call this medicine, from Nature’s teachers. The Eagle has the vision, sees the bigger picture. Bears are the Mother Earth energy, very nurturing. Wolves hunt in packs, work together. Ravens and Crows are messengers from the source. Spiders are weaving their own web. And so on 🙂

wolf-looking-in-mirrorBecause of all this mirroring, more and more coaching and therapeutic work with animals is being done. Especially with dogs and horses. And although it can be really great work, maybe your coach is already sitting next to you on the couch 🙂

Another thing I have noticed is that when I am working through certain themes in my life I tend to get certain clients, humans and animals, on my path. So my work is not only providing mirroring for my clients, but also for myself! When I am talking to a pet it can even give me a personal message or hold a mirror in front of me 😀

And that’s why I love what I do, it’s so rewarding. I get so much more out of it then payment in the form of money.

And really, anything in the natural world can act as a mirror, not only pets or totem animals. What to think of your personal relationships? But also wild animals, trees, flowers, herbs, clouds, seasons. And people you admire, leaders, actors, artists. Really, anything 🙂

It’s great when you start looking at things like that, because then you wil start to (self-)reflect and realise that real changes can only happen if you are willing to look at yourself and change. Finger pointing and blaming others, society, “life”, will not get you further on your path. Take these valuable lessons that are given to you and make the change you want to see in the world. Be the change. And then look in the mirror again. Like what you see? I sure hope so 🙂

Did you like reading this? Are you interested in finding out if your pet is a mirror to you? I’d love to get in contact with you and your pet to see what lessons are in there for you. And how this can also help you understand and help your pet better in return!

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Dreams, dreamer, dreamiest


What? What is that? Dreamiest? That word don’t exist, right? Wel in my dreams it does 🙂

I just wanted to share something about my dreams. As you probably know by now I am shifting, changing. Taking my business and myself up to the next level.

The next level of dreaming.

We all have dreams, some bigger than others, but still. We start having these dreams when we get conscious as children. When we realise what’s out there. Usually we dream of things we want. They start out small. Dreaming of that ice cream we will get at the amusement park. Or maybe of what you will do during school holidays.

I have always been a big dreamer, resulting in daydreaming a lot. Dreaming of other worlds, other times, or maybe they were memories, who knows. But I always knew I wanted something “else”.

So once upon I time I dreamt I was a princess and my prince charming…. Wait, stop, hold on, go back. No. I didn’t. I never dreamt like that. My dreams never involved big houses, loads of children and being filthy rich. Nope. Always bigger on a different level. Of a better world, with more love, no wars, no honger, no disease, honest governments, no animal abuse. Huge dreamer.

But they told me to dream smaller, dream about what I wanted to become when I was a grown up. All kinds of thing interested me, so I went from archaeologist (ancient Egypt, woohoo), to journalist (writing, woohoo), biologist (…..), and ended up wanting to move to Canada to own my own dairy farm. No even smaller, how about a job that would earn me a living? And so I ended up taking a slightly different path, but still. My dreams….

And how do those childhood dreams relate to what I am doing and building now. Well, let’s see. Archeology: incorporating ancient knowledge and wisdom, CHECK. Journalism: duh, writing of course, CHECK. Biologist: oh really, I wanted to learn all about nature and animals, doing that, although in a slightly different form, so CHECK. And moving to Canada to own my own dairy farm. Ok, this is a bit far fetched, but I am going global with my business and my biggest dream is to help charity (an organisation that helps stray dogs) and have my own shelter for old and abandoned dogs. So, guess what! CHECK 🙂

I can’t believe things that have been set in motion once I stepped into my role as animal communicator and healer and the decision to go global. I have amazing ideas, even a very big one that almost seems impossible, but I still feel it’s going to come true. But….. Dreams will not come true without taking action.

And so that is exactly what I have been doing, taking action, learning new ways, meeting new people. Learning how to be more visible. Thinking about my offers, opt-ins, challenges. And it’s all coming together. Yes!!! So the step of dreamiest is starting to become reality. Step by step. And I am absolutely loving it. And scared shit! Because I have been going, and still am going, through fears, emotions, limiting beliefs, old patterns and habits. Self worth issues, money blocks. Yep, they are all there, and I am tackling each and every one of them 🙂 So damn proud of myself for stepping up!

So stay tuned, very, very soon I will have my sales page up and running, a new opt-in for my mailinglist, and developing a challenge. All about connecting to, and understanding your animals, because that is my dream.

And lots more is coming, like guided meditations, books, and even the dreamiest thing that I will not mention until I have a clearer picture of that in my mind.

I have been working together with some amazing people, getting amazing offers and opportunities, and I am so grateful for having met them. And through them other amazing people. I feel truly, truly blessed and realise that all that dreaming I always did has never been in vain.

Dreams can come alive! Never give up dreaming.

I often wonder if animals dream. I think they do, but probably not the way we do….. What do you think?

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Love, Diana