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Nature Communication Course (Pilot)

I know lots of people would love to be able to hear the animals speak. Or to connect to a tree or a flower. And wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get a better connection with your own pet?

I truly believe this is very possible. That anybody can do this. That you don’t have to have special skills or be a psychic to learn this.

Why do I believe this? Because it is nature, and we are nature. Energy is very real, and energy is nothing more than frequency and resonance. It is like the wireless and radio waves going through the air. It is just a question of learning to receive, and then fine tune. And to step out of limiting beliefs and unlearn a lot of things you picked up from others as the truth. There is no such thing as the truth, only your truth.

Diana Healing

It is learning to see how you receive the signals, what your way is. Is it through words, colours, feelings, images or a mix of those. What are your preferred senses?

This course will not just learn you how to communicate with nature and the animals, it is also a lot of personal development. It is not meant to teach you how to become a professional animal communicator, that is a calling. But, it is a way for you to read the messages, signs & signals on your path that will help you grow into you.


It is an online course. The pilot will be six weeks, every week you will get two zoom calls, and you will have unlimited access to a closed group on Facebook, for asking and sharing. I will be active in the group daily as much as possible and share additional information or small tasks in the group for you. And the energy of a group is always amazing, you can also help and support each other!

  • Week 1: Myth-busting and learning about energy.
  • Week 2: Mindset work, and how you can communicate with anything.
  • Week 3: The Earth-part, some science and biology, and what the possibilities and limitations are.
  • Week 4 and 5: Intuition, and how you can train yourself to trust on that. Lots of practicing in these weeks.
  • Week 6: Additional tools you can use, like natural remedies and healing techniques, and meditation.

You will need a zoom account to attend the calls. Usually, the first call is more information sharing and the second call is more practical. It is best if you can attend the second ones live as much as possible. I might also invite some guest teachers.

The pilot starts March 1st of 2018. Make sure you are available during these weeks. I want to start with a maximum of 6 people, so limited space! And a bonus for those first pilots, you get a free month of choice in my membership group Down to Earth Spirituality in 2018.

Your investment?

If you pay in one go it is € 575,00, but I also have a payment plan in place where you pay 2 terms of € 300,00. Payment is through PayPal, but if you are in the Netherlands we can see if you can do it through bank transfer.

The prices mentioned are for the pilot only! After this period the prices will go up.

Pay at once (€ 575,00):


Payment plan (2x € 300,00):

If you want to talk some more about this before committing, please contact me and we can set-up a free tea-call (sorry, I don’t drink coffee, but you are free to do so!).

Note: At this time PayPal is the only option for online payments, but if you are in the Netherlands or the EU you can contact me and I will send you the information needed to make a bank transfer.