Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy/Statement

The following statement is how I protect and value your privacy within my business. At this time I am not very active in my business, only a mailing list, but I have collected data in the past. In the following statement, I describe what I do with your personal data.


I value your privacy as much as my own. In this statement, I will explain what data I collect and how I use it. This applies to all the tools I use in my business, now and in the past. Read through this, and if there are any questions feel free to reach out.


I, Diana Pak, am the founder and sole employer of HeartMessages. No third parties have direct access to the data I collect.

What information do I collect?

I collect your name and email address for my mailing list. In the recent past, I have also collected other data (address, names of pets, pictures of pets, payment details), when I still did consults and other services. I am legally bound to keeping that data for 7 years. I have the data stored digitally and on paper. They are not accessible to third parties. The companies I work with regarding my website, mailings, online bookkeeping, have assured me they are all GDPR-compliant.

How do I use your personal information?

I use your (first) name and email for sending you newsletters/updates. The old data I have will not be used for future use. After the legal period of keeping the data has passed, I will personally delete the digital data and shred the paper data. If I start delivering other services and products again I will adjust this statement accordingly.

What legal basis do I have for processing your personal data?

Right now, as the only way I collect your data is through my mailing list, you have to confirm you want to be on the list through a double opt-in. If this changes I will adjust this statement accordingly.

When do I share personal data?

I will never share your personal data with third parties.

Your rights in relation to personal data.

You have the right to ask me at any moment in time what kind of data I have stored, and if you want me to delete the date (if legally possible). If you no longer want to be on my mailing list you can simply unsubscribe or send me a notification @

Last updated: May 25th, 2018.