Signs & Signals challenge

Signs & Signals challenge

Every first full week of the month where the season changes, I will do a short challenge in my free Facebook group to help you read and trust on the signs and signals that show up for you.

Whether or not you are on a path towards awakening, the Universe will assist you in any way. Asking for things, making wishes, it is what we do all day long, conscious or not. Think about it for a while, how many times do you do this during a day?

And although it can be part of your spiritual path, it doesn’t have to be. The Universe (or Source, God, Creator) does not favour.

Many people consider spirituality as something “up there”, and it certainly can be. A lot of self-proclaimed spiritual people even consider themselves that way.

And I have been there myself, sat for hours and days in meditation, went on a “high” during spiritual festivals, did trance-journeying. All kinds of things (except using hallucinating substances). I’ve done spiritual weekends with people, with horses. I’ve done journeys in my ancestral lines to heal them. I’ve done healing circles, danced blindfolded. I’ve tried to explore astrology, both Western and Mayan. And I loved all of it. My natural curious mind wants to absorb everything.

But, the more I did, the more I realised, spirituality is not out there, not in what you do, or how you do it. It is not about being a better person because you are aware and awake. Spirituality is just that, and it is in everything. Meditation is not sitting on a cushion and having out of body experiences, it can certainly help in trusting there is more, but meditation is about life itself. Everything is meditation.

As my connection with animals and nature is something that is given to me and comes naturally, I noticed that animals and nature are very good at just being. At living.

I have used spirituality and spiritual practices as means to escape real life for a long time, as a way to escape my feelings and emotions. Now I realise that spirituality is about the opposite. It is about accepting ALL of it. Only this way your heart will open and you can develop a state of true loving-kindness and compassion. For everything and everyone. For life itself.

But, one thing remains: it is about becoming aware and awake and finding your path and what is true for you. And once you say yes to this more awake way of living, synchronicity comes into your world and things will start to unfold. Sequences of events will lead you to where you need to be.

Along the way, I started to notice the signs and signals. Words, songs, animals, clouds. At first, I thought it was a coincidence, but soon I realized that it happened a lot. So, I started to really see and often act on them.

Reading the signs and signals can also help you develop your intuition and in what way your intuition works for you. Through what kind of senses. Maybe you see things, hear things, smell things, feel things. Maybe you get bright ideas. The more you open to this, the more your senses will, and your abilities will develop. Just learn to trust how it comes to you.

For me, it comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, and some ways are still growing stronger.

The coming week I want to take you on a little challenge. Nothing complicated, just to make you more aware.

Every day I will put a small task in the group, to give you an idea of what kinds of signs and signals I will ask you to look out for:

Monday: a very direct way of asking for something: Using Oracle or Tarot cards.

Tuesday: through animals/pets, mirroring, showing up on your path.

Wednesday: through other people, mirroring, what they say.

Thursday: en route: advertisements, road signs, license plates. Words.

Friday: Music and entertainment: songs/lyrics, situations in movies and series that relate to you.

There are many more ways, for instance through dreams, but as I am not very good at dream interpreting, I will not go there.