Terms and conditions

Although I don’t like strict rules, I do have some in place, just so to be even more clear on what you can expect from working with me.

1. Everything I do is no cure – no pay based. What that means in my case is that you don’t have to pay or I will give a full refund in case I can’t get into contact with your pet or not get a message for you through my other work. Just to be very clear: I am a messenger, I am a healer, but I am no miracle worker. The information your pet, the wild animals or the cards provide are their points of views and opinions, not mine. So even if you don’t like the message or recognise what the pet is saying, that is not my responsibility, there is probably something going on at the receiving end. The no pay/refund rule only applies if I can’t get the connection.

2. I am not someone who likes the quick-fix method, so I take the time I need. I also get in touch with the animal when they are ready, and not when you want it. I believe that is why the messages I get are so deep and powerful. Because I respect the time and space of the animals.

3. I can’t give a guarantee on not getting emotions. Most of the messages I am honoured to pass on are unique and personal, sometimes confrontational, sometimes very funny, but most of the time very beautiful and loving. And yes, I should warn about the box of tissues more often 😉

4. Again, I don’t deliver miracles, so no wonder pills or remedies either if I happen to advice on that. They don’t exist because it’s always a combination of remedies and adjustments. But because the relationship between you and your pet, and the understanding of (your) nature changes, sometimes it can feel like a miracle. Remember that you and the animal are a big part of that change. Again: I am just the messenger.

5. I am not an animal- or dog whisperer. I don’t whisper things in their ears, I listen to them and translate ;-). Lots of times I get questions from owners about asking them to stop a certain behaviour, but that behaviour originates from somewhere. We need to address that and work with them instead of ordering them around. They do have their own identity and character and are not there to mold into your perfect little cuddle pet.

6. I don’t do missing pets. This is for various reasons, but for me, the most important one is the expectations from the owners. Besides, the animals know I am good at helping pets pass on, and therefore seek me out. There are other animal communicators out there that are very good at doing this, and they can even guide them home if they want to come home that is, and I will be happy to get you into contact with them.

7. I don’t do live animal communication. Sure, I get a lot through when I see an animal or pet, but I just get more meaningful messages from talking to the animal in a safe environment, away from their owners, so they feel free to speak up. Also, I am very sensitive to energies, thoughts, feelings, and sometimes it’s hard for me to discern if it’s the information of the pet coming through or from the owner, or even other pets/people nearby.

8. I do have 1 very official rule for the animal talk consults with pets: these consults are NOT meant as a replacement for visiting a vet. If I feel an additional visit to the vet, or other specialist is needed I will give that advice. It is YOUR responsibility to follow up on that advice, I cannot be held responsible if something happens if you don’t. I am not a vet or a behaviouralist expert, and although I have knowledge of medical, physical and behavioural issues, it is not my area of expertise.

9. I love getting positive feedback and feel honoured if you are happy with my work and recommend me to others. But if you are not happy or satisfied for some reason I would also love to know. From you, and not through other sources. People are better at remembering the negative than the positive, and I do like honesty, but please contact me directly and see if we can work things out.

10. Yes, I am all kinds of things woo-woo, but I am also very down to earth and need to eat and my dog needs to eat, for instance, so yes, I charge for my abilities and talents. I give away a lot for free, but the deeper (healing) and connection work I do is really worth it. So never ask me for a free consult, we can always see if there is something possible, like a payment plan for instance.

11. I will never use your name or the name (or picture) of your pet without permission.

12. I will never give out your personal data to third parties.