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What do people say about my work?

These are mostly about my animal communication work.

Karin: “It is unbelievable what Diana can tell you about your pet, just by tuning in intuitively. She has given me much more insight into the why in the behavior and emotional state of our rescue pup Sophie. I understood much better what is going on with Sophie – things a vet with pure physical examination would never discover. I also understand much better what she needs from me. It has made me more understanding, and that is beneficial for both of us. For instance: I have let go of the bench training (as she probably has some trauma on bars and being confined) and don’t try to push her anymore if she is not ready for something. It gives us both more peace and calm.”

Rita: “What you do is so uniquely special Diana, I was drawn to your honesty and sincerity about what you do….and I might add my Teeg has not taken off since you ‘visited’ nor does he seem as stressed as he did… What you do is awesome! for pets and their people. Thank you again!”

Emmanuelle: “Having had the honor to work with you I can say that what you brought us was ” a window into the soul of our beloved Calimero (horse) that brought us comfort and helped us get the proper care for him. Hearing his voice and his words through you was a moving experience for us and greatly strengthen our bond to him”

Jan: “We are so grateful for your excellent guidance. The remedy works very well. Mela has been lying on Jan’s lap for a quarter of an hour recently. Can you imagine that we were scared to breathe or move all that time? And she is really waiting for her remedy in the mornings and evenings. I have never experienced this with any dog or cat I had. She is becoming more open and free and is keeping herself busy more and more. Playing with other dogs is still amazing for here, so who knows if a new dog friend will someday enter our family. Also, nutrition and defecation have improved. So, in short, good news for the new year!”

Anna: “Thank you, Diana, for having a chat with my cat, Squeaky! It was so lovely to see his personality shine through in words, and I love everything you do with animals. Best animal communicator ever!”

Irene: “After a few days still impressed with the talk Diana had with our dog. Very special and beautiful. Absolutely recommend!”

Sylvana: “Diana has really helped us with our parrot Percy. Again many thanks!”

Sandra: Have you heard about Diana’s Call of the Wild offer yet? I’ve been hearing an owl for the past 17 years. Only heard it.
Never saw one.

It’s been so weird: At every house, I’ve lived in – I heard an owl. In the city, an apartment, countryside..everywhere!
I’ve asked Diana to see if there’s some sort of a message here (You’d think, right?!) and it turns out that the Owl is my totem animal.
And my message from the Owl ( in short because the report is quite extensive!):
‘Only let yourself be seen (or heard) to the ones that really resonate with you.
You know when it’s time to go out but you also need to retreat in the dark every now and then.
Find your balance in that.
You are a messenger for the messengers.’
To read this is just incredible – it makes sense to me. Before I read Diana’s message it kinda freaked me out a bit to hear an owl, but now I know I’ve gained a spirit guide! Thank you so much, Diana!

Evy: Each time Diana astonishes us with her feedback from communicating with either of our dogs. She’s been so warm and helpful and is always able to provide us with some really valuable information, whether it concerns a physical, an emotional, or a behavioral issue, we encountered with our animals. Also, she was a great support when we had to let go of 2 of our beloved terriërs. To be honest, I’m always a bit skeptic at first, but each time she came back with some info that hit the nail on the head, and sometimes even what nobody else could know……Thank you, Diana, you’re the best!

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