The Medicine Way

The Medicine Way


Jeanni McBride Jones (Moonwillow Workshops and Retreats) and Diana Pak (HeartMessages) are inviting you to join them in learning how to live in harmony with all that Mother Earth holds in her bounty. Medicine in the traditional sense of the word is all about taking in what feeds your being as a whole, not just on the physical level. Nature can be medicine, food can be medicine, exercise can be medicine, talking to a friend can be medicine.

Each month holds a different theme to explore, based on the time of year in alignment with the Medicine Wheel. We will explore animals, trees and plants, rocks and minerals, planets, feelings, the elements, the four directions, seasons.

If you didn’t know already, the Medicine Wheel represents the cycle of life and nature and has been used for thousands of years in most cultures to bring harmony and healing to those who honour these sacred cycles.

Taking an elemental journey of the Medicine Wheel helps you to examine the many layers of your life and to awaken your own inner Shaman. (S)he is the part of you who carries the wisdom of many generations of healers, including your ancient self, so deeply connected to nature that you can understand the medicine inherent in everything surrounding you.

You will be guided through meditations, visualisations and sound recordings, animal and plant wisdom, card readings and medicine walks each week, as well as a creative exercise each month to help you to integrate all that you are learning.

The cost is C$ 260.00 for 6 months, a mere C$ 10.00 weekly.

We will be deeply honoured to be your guides on this journey. The journey starts December the 21st, on the Winter Solstice, when we up North are celebrating Midwinter and inviting in the light. It will be done online in a closed Facebook group, where we will create a sacred and safe space for you to be and share.

You can register through payment through PayPal, we have several options. You will receive a confirmation via email on the email address you uses with PayPal or if you want us to use another email address, please let us know. In the email you will find the invite to join the closed Facebook Group.

Half year (C$ 260.00):

One month single (C$ 43.33):

One month subscription (C$ 43.33):