Writing, writing!

Writing, writing!


How is my first book coming along?

Well, as you may remember I started this journey in December of 2016, and it’s been one heck of a ride. But, I’ve met with my publisher from That Guy’s House last Saturday, and if all goes well, it will still be published somewhere before the summer. It’s waiting on the (AMAZING) artwork that is currently being created, and some technical things and then it will be done. It will be born! Finally!

Our meet-up also left me with a positive feeling for my upcoming books, like the sequel to my first book, about my life changing pilgrimage to the UK and then the third part, about the aftermath of that.

I am also moving towards nature-writing, which makes so much sense. I already have amazing ideas about my first book in that.

And, I’ve started free-lance work around story-writing, show-notes writing, copy-editing, translating, transcribing and more. All to feed my love for the written word. And yes, this is scary, because I’m moving into an area where I have not much experience, so I am building that up right now. I am doing some test work for my friend and amazing interspecies communicator and energy intuitive, Joanne Yeoh, and I am absolutely loving it so far. Yes, I have a lot to figure out, and building up speed, but wow. And receiving money for it feels sooooo good. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that felt more fulfilling!

So, I am definitely going to see how I can build from there. I can use so many of my skills and qualities in doing this, and for the first time my perfectionism actually is of good use!

This week I am moving back to the Netherlands, to build up my new life from there. It will mean having to look for a paid job, as I need proof of income to be able to rent a place. Hopefully I can find a part-time job, so I can still build on my free-lance and writing career. And who knows, maybe that part-time job can also be in this area, maybe work for a library, or a bookstore! I would love that.

To give you an idea of my nature-writing work, here is a short poem I wrote for my Tree-friends up here, that have helped me so much with healing and clarity. Enjoy!

Much love,

The four directions
I’ve walked these woods many times
I’ve seen you standing there
The four of you, in that circle
I’ve stood in the midst of that circle
Connecting to you
Feeling your heartbeat through your roots
Feeling the heartbeat of Mother Earth through you
I’ve listened to your words
How you welcomed me back
How grateful you were for me cleaning your home
How you told me I was on the right path
How you’ve also told me it was time to move on
How I’ve asked what this moving on meant
And how you’ve told me I would know
I’ve touched you all
I’ve smelt your scents
Felt your warmth
I’ve heard music whilst standing in your circle
I’ve felt a part of all of nature
Being pulled into the earth
Instantly grounding
And then I saw
I realised
You are the Medicine Wheel
The four seasons
The four directions
Birch representing the lightness of Spring
Of new beginnings in the East
Of finding my new direction
Mighty Oak bringing Summer
The warm energies of the South
Of taking my place on this earth and standing my ground
Sycamore Maple holding the colours of Autumn
The compassion of the West
Of letting all my emotions and shadows shine through and let them go
And ancient Yew giving the stillness and solitude of Winter
Holding the wisdom of the Ancestors in the North
Of trusting on my inner guidance and connecting to my guides
Thank you for welcoming me in your circle
Thank you for being there when I needed you
Thank you for your healing and wisdom
I will never forget
I will leave you to do this for another traveller
A traveller of time and life
For I know that is why you are there, in that sacred circle in the woods

Diana Pak


  1. Diana. I applaud your strength, sensitivity, determination, and your raw honesty. Your new work with Joanne sounds so aligned with your passions – this is a route to fulfillment! I am wishing you all good things. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet one day… I wonder if your work will ever bring you to western Canada! 💗 Blessings.


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