Yearanimal Meditation

Yearanimal Meditation

The last few years I created a special offer on finding your year animal for the upcoming year, and it has always been a favourite, so I decided to keep offering it at the end of every year.

I believe that we have animals with us our whole life, totem-, power-, spirit animals. Depending on the culture this varies in name.

What are they? Basically, they are animals in spirit form that guide you. Like you can also have (guardian) angels with you, or ancestors. We are so much more protected and guided than we are aware of most of the time.

What they guide you with is up to you, you can call on it for general guidance, protection, wisdom and more. They will gladly offer. With animals, you can also look at their physical form, what their trades and qualities are, and these are probably your own trades and qualities too.

You have one or more animals with you your whole life, but sometimes another animal pops up for special occasions, for instance during your birth, childhood, puberty, or other special transformational periods in your life.

Now, much like astrology and numerology, animals can also guide you on the theme of the year. So you can invite a spirit animal to guide you in a particular year. If you already know what things will be part of your near future, you can focus on that, or if you just want general guidance you can ask for that.

It can be any kind of animal, even extinct or mythological ones. Be open to everything, you will receive the guidance you need. I will gently guide you on a meditation journey to invite the animal in.

I have decided that from 2018 onward to only do a recorded version, no longer live calls, so that you can do it on your own time, when and where you want. I will add you to a closed group on Facebook or add you to an email list (for those who are not on Facebook). I will post/email a reminder every month to keep in touch with your animal. So you get a little extra guidance throughout the year this way. I used to only keep the group open during December and January, but I felt this wasn’t enough.

The recording is available for purchase throughout all of December and January. The price is t.b.a.

After payment I will send you a confirmation with the link to where you can download the recorded meditation and an invitation to join the group on Facebook. I will use the email you use with your PayPal payment, unless you state otherwise.


Karin: Trying to say something that does Diana’s work justice is not an easy thing to do. I’ve been working on my self-development for many many years with many insights and shifts on my path…but, through Diana’s meditations I have not only gotten insights but I’ve been gifted companions…one for my lifetime (my spirit guide) and one for 2017 (my guide for 2017). During both meditations, I realized how I doubt what is presented to me. And how much sense it makes as soon as I allow it to be. My spirit guide is a deer with a fawn. A sensitive caring soul…not alone, but with a child. I realize that this is my path…For 2017 a dragon presented itself as my companion. I couldn’t feel more blessed by its magical energy to guide me and strengthened me in my new adventure.

Diana has a true gift, her gentle soul is so REAL. There is nothing false in her love for nature and animals…she is so passionate that she elevated me easily into this level of connection with Mother Earth. I’m full of gratitude for this connection. Thank you Diana….thank you….

Polar Bear

If you are interested in this, please contact me and I will send you a link for making the payment.